Car Camo Stealth Camping

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Steve Wallis
    I think there's a problem somewhere with the YouTube processing. I have got some comments about audio not lining up, but on all the computers here the audio lines up and the original file I uploaded is ok for audio. It seems that not everyone is having the problem. My friend said he had that before and it cleared up but it was a bit of a mystery. I am working on this but hoping it resolves without having to take this down and re-upload it. Cheers everyone and sorry for the audio issues!
  • Mariya Rose
    Watching for years and Steve never runs out of great ideas
  • Christine B
    I feel like Steve is stealthily trying to see how many ways he can incorporate pineapple into each of his camping adventures.
  • muddyram
    Youโ€™ve definitely taught me how much you can get away with using only a traffic vest and a trash bag
  • โ€œThe trick to looking like you are doing community service work is to look angryโ€ classic Steve and I love it!!!
  • Brett Lyon
    Hi Steve. I just wanted to say how much peace you've brought to my life after many a rough day. Especially in a time in which content creators are incentivized to keep us angry and divided, it is such a breath of fresh air to turn on a channel like yours just to watch a kind dude keeping young at heart and sharing his love for the outdoors. Some nights I just pull the plug on social media, chuck the phone aside, lay down on the coach, and doze off peacefully to one of your videos. Humans are pretty awesome, despite the very small portion of people profiting off of us thinking otherwise. I also wanted to share my condolences about your recent loss. Like so many of us I am sure, we have struggled with the idea of saying anything at all, because we know there are no words that can take your pain away. I don't know how to heal such wounds or advice to give in such situations, so I'll just say what I do know: we appreciate you, we love you, and we are here for you however we can be. - Brett (Plymouth, Michigan)
  • georg2010cz
    Steve is like, "lets be careful and wrap everything in camo net" - then proceeds to blast everything with white light at night ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Really wish every camper was like Steve. Tries his best not to be noticed and always cleans up and leaves it better than he finds it. Thanks for your dedication to YouTube and giving us some entertainment!
  • Sue Wilson
    I love how you leave a place cleaner than when you arrived. If more people would pick up trash (or not leave it there in the first place) our outdoor spaces would be better places. Thank you Steve.
  • Cassie Rexroad
    I'm actually such a city slicker but I love these videos so much. ๐Ÿฅบ I hope to have as much joy over the little things as Steve does one day.
  • Michael Lee
    Years ago, I moved in with a woman who lived right off a main thoroughfare. I was worried about the noise, but after awhile the traffic just lulled me to sleep. Thanks Steve, for another enjoyable episode. You truly are a good person setting an example for humanity. Dinner looked great!
  • BB BB
    If anyone did see Steve parked there, they would think he was a cop setting up a speed trap...people would slow down...Steve saved lives!
  • SaltyChip
    Been having a tough week health wise and mentally but a good ole camping with Steve video always comforts me thank you for being such a great person Steve I appreciate you.
  • Dakota Ellis
    Your audio for us came in Chrystal, clear. This episode was especially entertaining because the stealth camping was mixed with some mystery. Like why was the spot you camped near, a dead end road? Who deserted their camper and tore the parts out of it? This spot has a hidden story behind it.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • Igor Ilyasov
    No matter how full I am, I always get hungry watching him preparing food lol
  • Zach Young
    Man I'm stoked to see your channel succeeding and making it on trending. Glad other people enjoy this as much as I do. Keep having fun out there man and remember to take some time off now and then.
  • Damascus
    Hello, Steve! I am a new viewer, and subscriber. :)

    You have opened up my eyes to so much knowledge of camping and some really neat experiences in the wild. I know you have had some struggles in the past, but you are doing good and you got this, man! Stay strong Steve, you're my favorite camping YouTuber, I have all of my faith in you! I am so glad to be a part of your community, I feel humbled here.
  • Adam Griffin
    I'm guessing that if you ever did get busted on a stealth camp the person who found you would just be happy to meet the famous camping Steve. Everyone loves this guy.
  • This guy is the best. He is the only reason why me and my good friend are starting our own camping channel. Thanks for the great content as usual Steve ๐Ÿ˜Š