Giant Axe Vs. 10 Fire Extinguishers!

Published 2023-03-17

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  • David Renick
    Props to editor Jack for not trying to stroke his own ego.😂
  • Adam Volk
    Editor Jack deserves props for the amazing shots he’s taken, especially when he has to do a panoramic shot with the phantom
  • Chris O'Neill
    As a woodworker I can say that Scott's hair analogy for how wood grain works is on point. I've used the same comparison myself so props to the man for a really good "science with Gaunson"
  • K U
    Just gotta give props to Jack for great editing, Rexy for always being in danger, Herron for having great hair, and Stanford for just being Stanford... I feel like I'm forgetting something. OH YEAH and massive props to KFC for keeping the boys fed!!!
  • Sound Tech
    That was probably Scott's best science talk yet

    Props to Jack for that
  • SilkySid
    Scott did actually explain wood fibres absolutely spot on. That's how I was taught by a carpenter on how to chisel out wood & how knowing about the fibres helps prevent you accidently splitting wood.
  • Chaz M
    The pavers being split is definitely a contender for best slowey ever on this channel. That was incredibly satisfying!
  • Amazing video as always! As referring to the strength of wood, as it becomes more and more dry, it gets harder and therefore, brittle . It's more prone to split or explode. Freshly cut hardwood or soft wood will have more elasticity so it resists force of impact a little better than dried wood.
  • Jason Lovell
    It's really great to see editor Jack utilize his skillset to showcase Scott's talents.
  • MrTyranius
    You guys have no idea how much I needed senseless destruction in my day today. Please continue all the amazing things you do. God bless you and your team
  • Cason Knight
    Yo I think Scott Gaunson's efforts these past 12 years have been big and he definitely deserves a round of applause 👏
  • Jacks “waste of time” answer made me laugh too much at 6 in the morning 😂 also, I love how y’all keep saying “well that’s not in one piece anymore”.
  • allstarEXT2815
    Would love to see 4 different colored fire extinguishers lined up on an angle, where Moses takes off only the valve ends. 🚀 Each guy pick a color, and see who's goes the furthest. BTW, big props to editor Jack! He should pick the 4th color extinguisher. 😂 Keep up the great work through 2023 guys!
  • Mike Coleman
    Good to see ya back boys! This has my vote for the best collection of slowies in a single video. A strong way to come back!
  • Darin Roodman
    Wood gets more brittle the dryer it gets. Also, cutting with the grain yields clean cuts, against the grain is both harder and yields obliterations. Well done Scott!
  • MyCrazyLife
    Absolutely phenomenal boyo's, absolutely sensational! And it wouldn't have been captured do spectacularly without Editor Jack! Great you see you all back!
  • Taolan8472
    That paver shot is definitely in the running for Slowy of the Year, and its only March!

    Massive props to Editor Jack for getting that perfectly framed!
  • Bert Rigby
    Glad to see that you have found your way back. Looking forward to this year's ridiculousness