AI is Evolving Faster Than You Think [GPT-4 and beyond]

Published 2023-03-27
In this episode, we take a deep look at the two weeks that changed the world. From GPT-4 to Google Bard, Midjourney v5 and even talk of AGI from Microsoft, it’s all right here.

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Producer: Dagogo Altraide

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  • @ColdFusion
    Correction at 16:20: Upon taking a closer re-reading of the the statement it seems like the internal red team were more trying to cover their backs incase something goes wrong, not so much flat out saying they advise against release. Privately they could feel either way, wanted to just note that!
  • @critical_always
    I am amazed how this tech revolution is going practically unnoticed by the general public. It will come as a massive shock I think.
  • @Vi74LiTy
    Absolutely keep us updated. This was one of your best videos. At this point, a weekly update on just AI news would be very appreciated.
  • This is such a highly fascinating phenomenon that we now find ourselves monitoring. Will definitely be paying closer attention to the development of GPT-4, and I would love some more ColdFusion videos on this topic too
  • @Ark-ju2gt
    Thank you for making this video. Even though I'm in a AI thesis and I thought I would not learn that much, man I was so wrong, I learned a LOT. You certainly took dozens of hours to check all these information. Thank you again to make them so easily accessible.
  • @thejussuresh
    I was little disconnected from the whole AI thing, but the sudden thought getting back in the line, made me look for some information to get updated, and at least be informed into where and all AI is getting implemented. This video seems the best comprehensive take on the whole AI thing. thankyou for the content.
  • @Lukas93E
    I can not describe how much I love your channel. With your music in the background - pure education, art and chills all over my back.

    Please, never stop what you are doing.
  • @mortysmith1214
    What a great video. With the insane rate of progress, it is hard to keep up and it is great to hear someone like you with expertise talk about that stuff
  • @lapointdaniel
    The quality of this video was top notch. You took a potentially frightening concept and empowered viewers to consider their role in the development of technology, which is a productive way to view it!

    I went to chatgpt to generate a comment that encapsulates how this video impacted me and I ended up writing this myself. The benefit of this experience was I was able to narrow down my thoughts and see that I knew exactly what I wanted to communicate.
  • @MrFlexi23
    Honestly I've been concerned about AI ever since I read my first Sci-Fi Novel. And while I certainly can see the benefits AI could bring to humanity, I cannot believe that this is what will happen in the long term. There needs to be serious law making and safety boundaries to make sure AI can never ever take control of anything.
  • @Drecon_Universe
    I’m amazed by how fast AI is evolving and how powerful GPT-4 and other models are. I wonder what implications this will have for society and humanity. Great video, Cold Fusion!
  • @curiositeatv
    Please keep us updated on what’s happening with AI as often as you see fit & thanks got this very informative video!
  • I’m honestly at a loss on how we’re gonna be able to trust anything ever again once this AI stuff really takes off.
  • @haziqshah3188
    AI is definitely a form of weapon, a formidable one. And whoever wields it rules the future, the world. If the corrupted are the ones holding this immense power, then we can all say goodbye to our autonomy.
  • @MooohGX
    I think data security from the AI bots is an immensely important thing in this era. Imagine an AI being able to access your credit card or multiple ones. It can cause some real-world disturbances.
  • @ruizeng9044
    Sensational video, I love that you cover both the positives and negatives as much as possible, without bias as much as possible. I remember your first video on ChatGPT and this was only a few months ago. It's absolutely insane how fast things are progressing, please keep the AI content coming.
  • @kevindittler6524
    Paradigm Shift is definitely in process I was able to finally work out a couple of issues to launch my company so at 11:39 pm on 4/1/23 I was able to get actual relevant feedback that several people could never answer. What’s really crazy was nearly instantaneous.
  • @warnerbroken8973
    I love your content. From economy to technology, it is great work. Thank you for keeping me up with all this interesting stuff. I immerse myself to lots of your topics afterwards, and I always seem more prepared from all of my coworkers, or at the very least at par with a small number of them.

    Not to mention you gave me the motive to go more in-depth about the whole system of economy.

    I would be glad to see more AI related videos.
  • @128am1
    When ColdFusion makes multiple AI videos in a series this year, you know you’re in big trouble
  • @geoffreymee7671
    Hi Dagogo. Great stuff you r putting out for us to learn by. And yes, please do continue updating us on this subjuct. Seems a week is ancient history in the AI game...fascinating yet paranoia inducing.