Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 2

Published 2023-07-27

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  • @marissamae1696
    I love how dramatic the wet floor signs are. They look so cute and innocent but then you hear the screams of the damned when you look into their eyes
  • Sun's "thank you" after eclipse took the place of moon is amazing. It sounds so genuine.
  • @TheLivingBluejay
    34:29 -
    Markiplier: How much radiation do these animatronics need to function?
    Radioactive Foxy: A lot.
  • @Quader417
    The fact that Mark went over a full minute before realizing he needed to explain the prescription truly shows how bad his ADHD is💀
  • I absolutely love Sun’s awareness that there is a problem. Explaining that he is trapped in a nap before franticly begging for his system to be rebooted while simultaneously referring to Mark as “New Friend!” In my opinion he is a 1 of 1 animatronic. He has no malicious intent other than making sure the children are asleep, and stay inside the daycare during nap time. He is doing his job but part of me also thinks that when the lights go out and he changes to moon, he is aware that outside the daycare the children are not safe. Although he’s a lil creepy looking, He is a protector. A Child’s Knight against the darkness. My favorite animatronic.
  • @StealthTheFoxz
    Still can't get over how athletic these kid protagonists seem to be.
  • As an aside, Sun never really did anything to hurt Gregory if I remember correctly. He was basically just preventing Gregory from leaving the day care as a caretaker should lol. Gregory kept turning the lights off to get through the door, which has since the very beginning of FNAF, been when the animatronics malfunction and get uppity. Sun has been the only animatronic that realizes when the lights go off the kids are in danger. Just a cool bot honestly. Glad Cassie helped him out.
  • @FakeTsuki
    I absolutely loved how they placed lore in the swamp ride.
    How Monty started in the swamps just playing guitar.
    Getting found/scouted by the others.
    Getting spruced up for success by Roxanne.
    Then beheading bonnie.
  • @tavvern
    Mark being unmedicated makes this video so much more hectic
  • @Omari_love
    31:58 Mark: if you get exposed to radiation from a young age you can have super powers!

    sees Monti walk across a plank

    Mark: just like Monty 👍🏻
  • @danielleon1180
    Mark: (screams and complains about his ADHD and not being able to prioritize)
    Also Mark: "Ramen Socks👍"
  • @n1re672

    Eclipse 0:57
    Eclipse 2:28
    Glamrock Endo 19:10

    Total this episode: 3

    Total this game: 11

    Total this series: 571
  • Seeing the mask being used in this kinda explains how Vanni got around so fast in SB.
  • @MonkeGorillaVR
    Ngl i love that mark just explains his life to us while playing a random game
  • Hearing Markiplier mention that he hasn’t had his ADHD meds for a bit, then losing himself in a minor tangent about how he isn’t a drug addict and has a prescription for said medication for ADHD, and that’s also why he can’t prioritize 😂. Just too relatable
  • @JPlaysCODM
    Cant believe I'm 22 and still watching mark whenever I have free time, glad I'm alive to this day and so
  • @hoddypeak
    "Too bad. Be lonely, Greg!" Is one of my new favorite quotes
  • @romancapulus5577
    “Endos don’t like it when you stare? What else am I supposed to do?”
    Never change Mark.
  • @macdaddymiyagi
    Love how when weird stuff happens to cassie, and when she questions it, helpi is there just gaslighting tf outta her😂
  • @lunalee7760
    Absolutely love how Mark tries to get even Moons pronouns correct but still calls Monty 'it' lmao 😂