Amazing Invention- This Drone Will Change Everything

Published 2023-03-18
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  • @MarkRober
    Nothing gets my blood pumping more than a clever engineering solution. If you want to develop the brain muscles to build your own clever engineering solutions every month with me, head to where you can get 2 boxes FREE.
  • As a Rwandan, I am thrilled to see the progress my country is making through technology, and the impact that innovative companies like Zipline are having in developing countries. The revolutionary work of Zipline in providing medical supplies via drone technology is changing lives and improving access to healthcare in rural areas. I am grateful to see this highlighted in a video by Mark Rober, and I appreciate the attention it brings to the positive advancements happening in Rwanda.
  • Cool to see you talking about Zipline. We made a video about them years ago when they just had 1 depot in Rwanda. I knew they would be the future. Incredible company
  • 10videos a year. Emphasis on quality. Mind blowing. Rwanda, proud of you. I wish Nigeria would learn
  • @Ihavenoclue-1
    Mark is single-handedly able to restore my faith in humanity. The world needs more people like him.
  • @1weck1
    Mad respect for Abdul. Was feeling down about my own life but homie suffered far worse and turned out a kind and helpful person. Aspiration and respect for not being destroyed and being so contributing and willing to continue
  • @SoniasWay
    The “1 video per year dedicated to how engineers make the world a better place” are usually my favorite video of the year. Thanks Mark!
  • @Vlingvling10
    Your entire video was excellent; however, the last minute struck me the most. It is beautiful to see Zipline's impact in Rwanda and how it inspires young people. Thank you for making this video!
  • I just want to pray for abdul… I’m sure the scars both emotionally and physically haven’t fully healed. But I wanted to commend you on the change that you’re making in this world. Much love
  • @Draken0023
    I honestly couldn’t help but tear up a little watching this video. Abdul’s story, Rwanda’s story, the technological utilization for life-saving measures, and the overall attitude of both the people and their community. This is an amazing video and should be shared all over the world! Thank you for bringing attention to their amazing endeavors, Mark ❤️
  • @zachw3945
    Abdul has one one of the most incredible stories I’ve heard. Crazy how he can bring so much optimism after such a terrible event
  • @FRYEGS6
    This is one of the most satisfying stories I have seen in my lifetime. To see this coming from Rowanda, after their setback as a nation is truly inspirational. Excellent Presentation.
  • @414bigtone
    This video is truly remarkable! While the benefits of consumer delivery are noteworthy, I believe the real heart of the story lies with drones playing a pivotal role in saving thousands, if not millions, of lives. Abdul's journey is equally inspiring – self-teaching engineering applications and ultimately becoming an engineer through YouTube is nothing short of extraordinary! The video not only highlights technological advancements but also sheds light on the positive developments in Rwanda. Overall, an exceptionally well-crafted and impactful piece. Impressed by the content and the positive change it represents!
  • @yurt807
    The kid showing Abdul his model drone was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Imagine seeing someone be inspired like that by something you built
  • I ve heard of this quite some time ago, proud to see this developed to such a scale already almost a year ago:) Lots of admiration to you guys behind this:)
  • @chungkhang3444
    thank you for the video Mark Rober. Your energy and knowledge really inspire me to become a great engineer myself.
  • An 88% mortality rate reduction is actually insane. Thank you so much for sharing about this company to all of us, and I really hope they spread across the world because just imagine, 88% of deaths in hospita could be prevented with this (although I guess it’s gonna be more impactful in somewhere like Rwanda, but still, it’s crazy
  • @HighHolyOne
    I could feel the excitement and pride of the kid who showed his model to Abdul, and I was so pleased to see that Abdul found joy in helping him. One generation to the next is how a society grows.
  • @thescouch
    I've been feeling extremely pessimistic about our (world) future for quite some time, however this video has me feeling very positive about how science, humanity, and perseverance will prevail. My heart is full. Thank you so much!