The AI dark horse: Why Apple could win the next evolution of the AI arms race

Published 2024-01-12
Apple's loudest critics say the tech giant is playing catch up in the AI race. They blaming its underperformance last year, at least compared to its megacap tech peers like Nvidia, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, on its lack of a clear generative AI strategy. But long-term, Apple could be the dark horse to watch for, especially in the next technological shift that experts say is coming to gen AI. Its vertical integration of hardware, software, silicon and services gives it an edge. This week on TechCheck, why Apple could be playing the long game better than anyone else.

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  • @dominic7012
    “Apple may be quiet on AI, but it’s also the biggest buyer of AI companies.” The power of silence in a noisy world.
  • @Redwood4040
    I recently sold some of my Nvidia stocks to secure profits, but I'm retaining a portion for the long term, its growth potential is robust. I'm also considering diversifying my $400K stock portfolio, but I'm uncertain about managing risks in my next move.
  • @hongyu_he
    As a prior intern, I respect that Apple always puts user privacy and data security in front of the potential revenue brought by the AI hype. 🔐
  • @blairfullerton
    2:36 Bob Pisani trying to say assistant, then just moving on, is the best part of this video 😂
  • Finally a news segment that actually educates and doesn't spread fear or negativity. Thank you CNBC ❤
  • @themusic6808
    They’ll be just fine. I am sure Tim Cook & co aren’t sitting around Apple Park fretting that they can’t come up with a new product that will be innovative using artificial intelligence lol They’ve always been the company to sit in the background while everyone else races to be first, then work out the issues on technology that’s been introduced prematurely and do it better themselves.
  • @NormenHansen
    Apples advantage is that they have an ecosystem that allows the AI to actually do something. Almost all the base software you use on iOS and Mac is from Apple. Combine that through an AI (as Siri already does to some extent) and you get actual added value instead of a talkbot.
  • @BDOT310
    This is common for Apple let the competition figure it out then make it “better”
  • @4d547
    Honestly the best use of AI in Apple for me has been the ability to search photos and videos for specific text or content on my iPhone. As someone who doesn't organize their photos app it's really been a godsend for me ngl and something like that on windows would be crazy
  • @petar55555
    I don't know if the quiet game works for Apple. That apple car took 10 years to be just a dream
  • @ayo4590
    A LOT of people don't actually know what AI is. Its not just LLMs and chatbots!
  • @CavingMonkey
    As someone working on research on AI and edge, it's a decent article on the subject without the crazy hype. Well done CNBC!
  • @MatthewBrandon1
    I think the lack of focus on Siri upgrades and the coming visionOS are signaling that Apple has something big coming to replace Siri. It would seem illogical for them to not as it would seriously impact all sales.
  • @garycard1826
    Good review but the annoying (so called) music is very distracting. It's hard to hear what is being said and we're listening on a hi-end stereo so I can't imagine what it would be like on lesser sound systems!
  • @nsvacina
    The "AI" mentions charts is misleading. Take note of how often they use the term "machine learning" instead
  • @marcus3of5
    They seem disappointed that Apple is not leading in this area
  • @nantonlc
    Apple has said over and over that ML (otherwise known as AI elsewhere) is woven into their apps. The camera has been doing so for years and is getting better over time. It’s in the AirPods. It’s embedded in the Apple silicon (the neutral engine that’s getting a bigger and bigger chunk of the transistors on race generation of chips) where they are running more and more of their ML stuff. I am intrigued by what they have done so far and look forward to how they continue to weave it throughout the operating system and applications. A true assistant is being born.
  • @RelaxTake30
    Apple is never first to the market. But they are usually the best at anything they do. Why is anyone surprised they are “lagging” in A.I
  • @davidw4664
    CNBC good article but can you tone down al the chimney bells in the background please
  • @user-gu2ux8cn3z
    My brother in Chirst, may we have a half functioning Siri first ffs