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Published 2022-09-07

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  • @mr.gav1442
    That’s a good one! 🤣 my dad is an tattoo artist himself so glad to see you guys represent 🤘
  • @KristopherBel
    When you already have all the koala-fications to be a koala-tea poster.
    🐨 🍵
  • @MsBELLE7
    I got this before he even asked lol. I'm in love your designs. One day I will come get something!!
  • @oneyearunder
    Man just walks away like " ayyooo that's incredible" 😭😭
  • @Ashley-mm5gf
    I’m dying to get one of these done. The whoopsie daisy was my favorite 😂
  • @hezesol5082
    Couldn't help but smile and chuckle when he said "koal-ity" tattoos🤣
  • Being a koala seems like a koala tea lifestyle, especially living in a koala tea tea cup
  • @mamajc748
    I freakn wnjoy your little video skits lol you have some great ideas
  • so punny! 😂 i like the traditional style i want a tattoo by u one day!
  • I'd love to get my first tattoo from this guy, all his art looks great, and the puns are so bad I love them
  • @Ms12369
    The drop from pum voice into normal voice was jarring
    Y'all always keeping me on my toes 😂
  • @oipic
    I have never had a tattoo and never been sure of what id want but right here and now i know what i want
  • You should have gave him a blunt and you would make high qualla-tea
  • @Fiery154
    My neighbor would love this. She has a Harry Potter Manatee tattoo.