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Published 2022-09-07

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  • Mr.Gav14
    That’s a good one! 🤣 my dad is an tattoo artist himself so glad to see you guys represent 🤘
  • Kristopher Bel
    When you already have all the koala-fications to be a koala-tea poster.
    🐨 🍵
  • Andre Howley
    Man just walks away like " ayyooo that's incredible" 😭😭
  • Lotus
    I got this before he even asked lol. I'm in love your designs. One day I will come get something!!
  • Shelby Brown
    I love you. I'm in love with all your puns!
  • Zaffy the dragon
    I'd love to get my first tattoo from this guy, all his art looks great, and the puns are so bad I love them
  • oipic
    I have never had a tattoo and never been sure of what id want but right here and now i know what i want
  • Adam hanvey
    You should have gave him a blunt and you would make high qualla-tea
  • Ashley
    I’m dying to get one of these done. The whoopsie daisy was my favorite 😂
  • lesbian.Killjoy
    Being a koala seems like a koala tea lifestyle, especially living in a koala tea tea cup
  • knmonlinemedia
    so punny! 😂 i like the traditional style i want a tattoo by u one day!
  • Ms12369
    The drop from pum voice into normal voice was jarring
    Y'all always keeping me on my toes 😂
  • Ava
  • Avery Roberts
    Day 2 of asking: what are those things in your ears like over sized earring or something also do they hurt like do you feel pain in wearing them but not to be rude or anything I’m just wanted to know by the way I love your content it funny
  • eksophia
    You can't tell me this man isn't a dad 😂
  • readyset
    The universe is balanced in the back of a giant koala 🐨. - lower decks
  • Fiery154
    My neighbor would love this. She has a Harry Potter Manatee tattoo.