Teke Teke

Published 2023-10-26
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All Comments (21)
  • As funny as her movement was, in the legend Teke teke was said to be extremely fast, at inhuman speed, even if she is moving with only hands.
  • @AngelPhoenix919
    Mark immediatly running when the old lady told him to, then followed by him creepily listening in while heavy breathing got me lmao.
  • @KarmaKins
    This game is so bizarre. Metamorphosis being right on this guy's desk first thing upon starting the game, the old lady, the employee just screwing off to the back room while there's still someone there shopping, the player just deciding to enter in through the back door into the staff room without a single thought, no one reacting at all to the car crash, and then the game just abruptly ending after running the monster over like roadkill. What a trip from start to finish.
  • @wolfhunter216
    I love it when Mark said "oh, te he" and the lights just shut right off 14:55
  • @buggibii
    the scariest part of this is that someone seemingly living alone is confident that they'll both need and use two jugs of milk before they go bad
  • @RickAstley-qd8bn
    I love how the old lady doesn't even buy anything, she just walks into the store, talks about a spooky urban legend, tells some dude to run, and then leaves
  • @Gameface9782
    Mark’s haunted light is my favorite recurring character
  • Teke teke is one of those urban legends that seriously scares me, so I'm glad Mark was there to alleviate some of that anxiety watching this
  • 19:41 this shit was too funny, just randomly running over the thing that was stalking you the whole game, and you escape them by just running over them, again, truly their one true weakness.
  • @jojogarcia8766
    7:10 mark being that character in every movie that you think is the bad guy but really just a socially awkward creeper.
  • @BlackWhite-wu8gw
    Teke Teke used to be a high school girl who was bullied, one day while running away from her bullies she got into a train incident and died, her body split in half. Legend says her top part is still lurking around the same train station, walking on her hands, making the sound like "teke teke teke", searching for her other part.... I knew this legend so I was very delighted to see Mark play it! thanks Mark, an amazing video again.
  • @AnythingEditz358
    Mark saying that he finds convenience stores comforting because of their murderous charm is the most (not) masochist thing.
  • The story of Teke Teke was told by my English teacher who taught our Japanese class at our school (he lived in Japan for over 20 years it made an interesting person) and he is a great story teller so when he told this story it scared the shit out of me, and my class. The girls made up rumors that Teke Teke was living in our school's bathroom (it was in the basement of the school and old as FUCK) and it became a school legend that people still think she haunts the stalls along with another ghost that haunts the far left stall.
  • @user-tp3cs8xv8p
    I was holding my drink as he got jumpscared by ending 1, and I spilled my drink everywhere... Lol. Love ya Markiplier!
  • @mariastacy534
    Mark in horror video games: does opposite of what is suggested by NPC's Also Mark in horror video games: does what the elderly warn him to do
  • @aazhie
    Mark is aging into Keanu Reeves, and I'm 100% thrilled by this development :3
  • @hotcookies4sale
    She's looking for her lower half of her body that she lost in a train accident. "Teke teke" is japanese auditory description of what she sounds like when she's crawling around. Any victim she captures loses their lower half..but she can't keep it because they are not the half she is looking for. Japanese urban legends are some of the creeppiest I've heard, and the Teke Teke is one of the ones that got me into creepy pasta/urban legends.