Why The Daniel Defense MK12 is a Rifle I Don't Deserve

Published 2021-07-15

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  • Yale Williams
    Imagine buying a $2,200 gun and "forgetting" it in you safe for years. Gun safe goals
  • When I was a teenager I was absolutely enamored with the Mk12. Part of me still wants a clone-correct Mk12 mod 0, and perhaps I might get just that some day. In the meantime I have an 18" Aero Precision set up as a De Facto SPR and she treats me right so far.
  • Coyote112 12
    I made my own version of one with an 18” 1:8 5R twist, wylde chamber, medium contour, double flute barrel. IMO it’s the sweet spot for running standard 223 and standard 5.56. Won’t ever own a suppressor though because the regulations on them are pure extortion.
  • ino592002
    Wish I had high end rifles just sitting in the safe where I can go "oh I forgot I had this"
  • Beautiful rifle. The most enviable part of this whole video was left unsaid - having enough ammo to run your AR's without worrying about your reserves
  • Velozzity
    The newest version that I got in 2019 has a grip and rip charging handle (dual levers so you can pull either hand) and ambidextrous safety. I agree with it being a well balanced rifle. My geissele super duty rifle feels heavier at times even though it has a mlok rail. The only thing that would make this rifle even more perfect would be for Daniel Defense to offer the same factory colors that they offer for instance in their v7 rifle.
  • This is my dream rifle! I can’t believe you are lucky enough to purchase a rifle like this and NOT sleep with it and shoot it daily. You put it in a safe and forgot about it? I’m almost mad at you lol! Great content and great story. Thank you, Sir
  • Matt H
    Imagine having a Daniel Defense that you forgot about then re-finding it and driving it to the range in your Mercedes-Benz GelandeWagen. Good for you. Congrats my friend.
  • Andrew Paul
    I recently built my own mk12 mod 1 clone. While i have a mk18 clone to replicate what i carried for years, the mk12 is my all time favorite to shoot. I have .224 Valkyrie AR’s that are much more accurate but it’s like I’m cheating. The mk12 comparison to the 930 is as accurate as I’ve heard….sure there are faster and more track worthy cars out there, but when you learn to master either, they become part of you. Thanks for a great video!
  • I did the same thing ☹️ the MK12 is a thing of a beauty. Every time I shoot it I’m amazed at how accurate it is
  • will cruz
    Great review. I’ve been fondling this gun at gun shows for about 5 years now. I struggle with the price as I can build a similar gun for half the price but I think I might finally pull the trigger on one.
  • H K
    You have 1st class videos.
    I am not an AR guy.... but I have been trying to find an 18 inch barreled AR.
    Seems like a perfect compromise.
    Long enough to get the full speed from the Varmint round. 👍
  • The Jeep Dude
    I have a V7 Pro in gray that I feel the same way about. I just love it. The look, the way it shoots and the way it groups. Mine is similar in your configuration with a Sig 3x8 BDX combo that has an offset Romeo 1 Pro. Still learning the high tech part in the BDX (also have the BDX range finder) but the scope combo works very well. Sorry, I digress. The rifle is awesome in performance and just feels great. The wife named it 'Skeletor' which I find amusing. Keep up the great videos and commentary. Love your Fox News segments also.
  • carlodagunz
    It's personal preference, but I think I'd probably opt for an angled foregrip rather than hanging onto the picatinny, since an angled grip is less liable to interfere with use of the bipod, and also because I prefer the ergonomics of having my hands more aligned.
  • Chet Biddlecom
    Something you hit on with regards to training that is so true and needs to be addressed by all gun carriers - train your "off side" (your non dominate) side of yourself. You never know when that training might come into effect.
  • I have been looking at the DD MK12 for my first long gun. You just helped me feel more confident at my choice.
  • You can't put one of the xl charging handles on it because of those backup iron sights. That's more of a DMR. The ambi safety would be a very small $$$ upgrade, though I prefer normal controls .
    I do love the original MK12 mod 0 , but Daniel Defense has done a great job modernized the platform.
  • SuperDave
    I absolutely love my DDM4V5! I changed the trigger with a nice 3.5 pound cartridge style with a short reset! I trust my life with it! I have added a few other upgrades like ambi safety and charging handle and a UBR stock! Love it! Thanks sir keep up the great videos!!!!!!!!!
  • Solomon Samson
    There’s no way that thing is 7 and a half pounds. Maybe without the optics, can, mag, and bipod
  • Chase Richards
    Very poetic. Kinda sounds like myself and my ruger security six. Bought it and thought it was just "meh". Hated double action trigger. A year goes by and i give it another chance. And i loved it going single action, and how easy it is in dissasembly.