RAYE, 070 Shake - Escapism. (Official Music Video)

Published 2022-11-09
Debut album 'My 21st Century Blues' feat. 'Escapism', 'Hard Out Here' & 'The Thrill Is Gone' available now. Listen/Buy: raye.orcd.co/m21cb

Pre-Order/Pre-Save: raye.orcd.co/m21cb
Listen to Escapism: raye.orcd.co/escapism-thrillisgone

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Written by: RAYE, Otis Dominique & Mikey Robbins
Creative Director: Mikey Robbins
Directed by: Otis Dominique & RAYE
Artist Management: Tia Ferguson

Production Company: Kode Media
Exec Producers: Danielle Wright & Nathan Killham

Producer: Andre Wooz
Line Producer: Liz Adeleye
Production Manager: Oscar Stewart
Production Assistant: Anita Okpongete
Production Assistant: Luke Philippou

DOP: Joe Douglas
Editor: Phoebe May @ FMLY CRTV
Colourist: Stef Colosi

1st AD: Akay Delano
2nd AD: Lucia Ritucci

1st AC: Jeff Vine
2nd AC: Tom Watson
Camera Trainee: Flynn Denderson
Steadicam Operator: Jay Gomez
DIT: Vanya Chulkova
Grip: Johnny Donne
Grip: Simon Ward

Gaffer: Dave Nye
Spark: Nathan Scott
Spark: Nic Britt

Art Director: Joe Munro
Art Assistant: Jake Garrett

Stylist: Lauren Groves
Hair Stylist: Alex Price
Make-Up Artist: Bea Sweet
SA MUA: Babyface

Choreographer: Paleta (CalmQuality)
Choreographer’s Assistant: Robia Milliner

Runner: Andrew Sin Yu Yat
Runner: Harry Tomlin
Runner: Lindsey Reilly
Runner: Aaliyah O’Sullivan
Runner Driver: Abu Dumbuya

Stunt Coordinator: Ian Kay
Medic: Elton Alexander

BTS Photographer: Shot By Nee

Post Producers: Ed Chambers, Amy Ramussen & Liz Adeleye

VFX: Ikki Dhesi

Special thanks to: One Stop Films, Shoot Blue & Pilot Lighting


All Comments (21)
  • @lalatv5767
  • @hamzafarid4541
    Honestly, this girl deserves a grammy & this song really hits the spot.......Amazing song; lots of love
  • @jeffese
    Her flow is just sick.....
    Intoxicating to listen to.
    Extremely relatable for some.
    Her attitude and self depreciation is refreshing.
    In all, great girl, great song
  • @trinity4244
    She spoke straight to my soul. Everyone who’s suffered from heart break can relate to this so beautifully. No lies or visions detected
  • This better trend again in winter 2023 the way it trended in winter 2022 the vibes this gives is just indescribable ❤️✨
  • @JuneAJung
    The song is fantastic but let’s talk about the visuals too! So creative and artistic. You can tell how much thought and care went into creating the video. One of the best music videos for a pop song I’ve seen in a long time. The VMAs are not as relevant as they used to be but this video deserves an award!
  • @jurajbobka7998
    She DELIVERED vocals, lyrics, beat, visuals. It is now up to us to make it a HIT. It has so much potential
  • @craditya
    This song is like an anthem for those who are seeing darker times- where one is confused- one doesn't know what one is doing and is between two worlds- searching for a bridge that has since long burnt down! A bridge to reality and sanity.
  • @imtupintu
    This song is a true masterpiece, she captured everything so masterfully, this is like the art you reach in your deepest state of meditation, the lyricism, the concept, the video, the flow, her tone, mannerism, consistent through out the whole song, she didn’t spare a single thing 👏🏽👏🏽
  • @eliasj.519
    This song is a masterpiece. It's telling an emotional story. Raye really put in the work and made such an amazing song.
  • @lulshanee1794
    The fact that I thought this song was old bc we simply dont get music this good anymore lmao
  • @emresari5608
    this song deserves way more recognition than what it already has, it's literally unfair for such a masterpiece
  • @cathygordon4305
    The song is high art. No other way to describe it 😊 Raye is a great artist with a massive future.
  • From start to finish a whole MASTERPIECE. Storytelling is powerful. And the instrumental is WILD. Sounding like a concert
  • @nicst2931
    You know the song HITS when it's the first song you put on when you get in your car. OBSESSED
  • @MrAlen6e
    This line " have mercy on me , take this pain away" just touch too close to home, This song is incredible , it touches in so many things and I'm so thankful for her to talk about such things in the open..
  • @MaurinAarts
    this doesnt just feel like a song, it feels like a movie.
  • @RiziDada
    This song always makes my heart so happy. Just puts me in a good mood!!❤❤RAYE absolutely nailed it on this track, no doubt about it! That banger right here got me hyped like crazy, bangaa! I ain't even trippin' if RAYE used authentic v i e w s to get that mad exposure and get the ball rollin'. Truth is, plenty of other artists be doin' the same thing, Keep slayin' those beats!
  • This is a pure acid trip come to life! It's got force, flair, and flavour! You deserve this RAYE! X