Trivia But The Answers are Dumb

Published 2024-03-09

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  • @adv78
    Please make their investment come in the middle of a completely different game show out of nowhere
    The lore in between is immaculate. I've never seen such an immersive display of skill. It truly is such a beautiful display of showmanship.
  • @MelodicAscent
    I love how Magic the Noah just APPEARED like he had a decent following, maybe 100k-200k views per vid, and then he started doing the board games and JUMPED into the 1mil+ zone less than a year ago. Just goes to show that doing something new and unique can go a long way. Way to go, man, I love these videos
  • @scipocelah6677
    5:32 I love the consistency of this game making no sense by "stealing" points means "both gain 50"
  • @mayo9325
    "Is the sky blue?" "Bugs Bunny"
  • @vyxr9908
    that was probably the best promotion of a product i have ever seen. the plot twists the suspense the cgi. truly an amazing creator mr noah
  • @theblacklite7331
    "I just thought three was too suspicious, and I doubled it." So stupid it had to work. I almost wonder if Noah calculated that whole sequence of events when he chose which element to use for that question
  • @lukeneedham2934
    At 25:05, Carl invested -300, meaning that if they all lost their money in the end, Carl would have made money, meaning he won
  • @luxifer9391
    "Outside the box" being outside the box is genius
  • @fishyfishery
    i love carl, he is so wholesome and just trying to be a funny guy while the other 2 are just competing for points, carl is just there spinning the bad wheel for fun and carl is winning while he is actively disadvantaging himself
  • @michaelwang3439
    Can’t believe my physics study helped me for the first time. For anyone curious the equation in the thumbnail is the Saha-Boltzmann equation, which gives the ratio between ionized atoms and electrons in excites state.
  • @aserah295
    Noah really took "Ad Campaign" to another level
  • 17:02 “Comma is the … the … like the spicy dot, right?” This might just be the greatest quote I’ve ever heard. It’s certainly the greatest quote about commas I’ve ever heard
  • @MChider_
    Magic the Noah in the party crashers video: "Math isn't hard" Also him in this video: -200 - 50 = -150
  • @turtleisa5667
    I love these 3 honestly, like, most other players are just like "WE NEED TO TAKE DOWN THE RICH WE NEED TO COORDINATE TO WIN OR KILL OUR ALLIES" and these 3 goobers are just like "i dont wanna take from my frens, I take from myself" and "Imma bet all my money on the final question, even though I can just keep it all and win anyways" Like, they're just goobers and I love that Oh, and Magic The Noah is just, a master at these. Like, who could have known google slides could be so entertaining
  • @ZestyBirb
    16:40 If Noah finished his work, then he wouldn't be taking a break, he would just be done.
  • @crimsonrosellas
    The A plot for this episode was really good but I really liked the B plot with Noah and the dragon. We should see more of that.
  • @PrasuPlus
    "My Triva" has only 1 "i" because I don't wanna be part of it - Noah, probably