Zeroing a Handgun Red Dot Sight

Published 2019-04-09

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  • Conrad Mccall
    It absolutely blows my mind the wealth of knowledge you have and are willing to share. I have never once skipped even a second of your videos. They are literally a goldmine
  • Chris Metzgar
    Aaron is an absolute gold mine of information. Anytime I’m going to make a purchase, I check and see if he has a review on whatever it is I’m buying. Love your content Aaron! Keep it up
  • David S
    I had to check when this aired when he said " handgun ammo in the scheme of things doesn't cost that much" yeah the good ole days lol
  • Dan B
    Thank you! Your technique, conservative adjustments steps, and detailed narrative are my now gold standard. Investing so much time for sharing knowledge vs. learning is greatly appreciated! Your videos in general are outstanding! Thanks again.
  • Chris Bridgmon
    Thank you for you insight into this! I started the slave process but didnt think about swapping out to the actual carry ammo, the thought never came to mind! This is why i love your videos, you make me think and point out when i dont! Cant wait to see you review the up coming Aimpoint ACRO sight to see how it compares to the tried and true RMR's.
  • Jops Ball-turret
    Can’t thank you enough for these videos. I would be so lost using my rmr without them, and now see how I’ve been using other red dots incorrectly as well. It’s easy to see why people just give up trying, but I’d say they didn’t find your channel!🤙
  • Jamie Sloan
    I've found that the material that you shoot a rifle off of makes a difference in POI also. For example, shooting from a bipod will hit higher than, shooting off of a sand bag. You have to take "bounce" into consideration. Also, when people lay their hand on their scopes when zeroing, they can expect a lower zero than it will actually hit when shooting naturally, because they've taken out the rise of the barrel during ignition. Even the spot that you rest the rifle on your shoulder, can make a difference.
  • MassGunner
    Very informative update video. Thanks for taking the time to make this. I’m going to go back through my zero on my CZ P10C with an RMR while using this video to make sure it’s right. This year I’m going to make sure I take a handgun training course. I would love to take a carbine course also but I don’t think the funds will allow both. That will give me something to look forward to for next year.
  • MCgrease08
    Aaron in 2020: "Handgun ammunition in the grand scheme of things isn't all that expensive."

    Me in 2021: "It just cost me $25 to zero my red dot."
  • no vale la pena
    In my experience, if you carry Federal 147 gr HST standard pressure than you can use speer lawman 147 gr or American eagle 147 gr (I believe they are they same loading - just different brands from the same manufacturer) for the intial zero and then only need to make make minor adjustments with HST, saving a significant amount of premium carry ammo. In the long run it may be worth finding a range ammo that performs similarly to your carry ammo just for this purpose.
  • Thanks for the free information based on all your experience with a red dot optic on a pistol. Lots to think through to get it right. This is very helpful I am getting ready to make the change over. Be Safe
  • Tom
    Just found your channel. Eye opener! Recently picked up a S&W Victory 22 for use as a range gun because of ammo cost. Just mounted a Vortex Venom and really didn't know where to start. I'm thinking this is a less expensive way to learn red dots. I also have a S&W M&P 2.0 that has the slide cut and plates for red dot mounting. I'll be reviewing more of your videos for suggestions on what to get for it. Thanks for your time and no-nonsense info.
  • googlechicken
    I24gr federal American Eagle is very close to 124 gr gold dot in my VP 9 Thank you for making these videos they have been invaluable to me and many other shooters. I appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge
  • nmohrcfi
    Thank you for this video. Definitely cleared up the bit of confusion that was left about zeroing a red dot, at least for me. Looks like I've got some range time when I get home!
  • Ronnie Holloway
    Excellent method. Im old school and feel very at home w good iron sights. However a properly zeroed red dot is pretty damn incredible. Thank you for sharing. Used this w my optic cut. Thanks
  • David G.
    Another great explanation and I got the first video. Since I have and MRO on my AR15 that I full co witness, I just zeroed the RMR directly not relying on slaving. Didn’t see the need to. Your videos helped me adjust to it very quickly and I appreciate it. “Raise the back plate to your nose and you will pick up the red dot”. The best tip!! Thanks Aaron.
  • Rayvenger gaming
    Thank you so much man. I love your videos. I’ve been practicing with a pistol optic and it’s much more tricky than I thought it’d be.
  • Aaron you absolutely rock! Thanks for posting this as I am about to setup my first pistol with a dot and this will help tremendously.
  • George Kuzyk
    Great video and informative. I just received my first red dot for my Sig firearm and looking forward to taking your advise here on sighting it in.. thanks and look forward to others that you can help us out along the way to good shooting
  • Ruthless Reviews
    This came out at the perfect time. I just bought my first RMR (RM06) and as soon as the sights get here (friday) it's going on the gun. Another chunk of information right when I needed it 🤙🏻