The Hacking of the American Mind with Dr. Robert Lustig

Published 2017-09-06
The best-selling author and UCSF endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig explores how industry has contributed to a culture of addiction, depression and chronic disease. Always provocative, Lustig reveals the science that drives these states of mind and offers solutions we can use. [10/2017] [Show ID: 32572]

Please Note: Knowledge about health and medicine is constantly evolving. This information may become out of date.

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All Comments (21)
  • ACEGaming
    I had the opportunity of listening to this guy on coast to coast AM riding home, and my god this guy is such a good talker. He's definitely extremely well read. I referred his book to my professor, and my professor absolutely loved it! This book needs more recognition.
  • This is SO GOOD. I explain happiness and pleasure to my executive clients (many of whom seek pleasure through risky behavior, promiscuous sex, and drugs). Dr. Lustig, you nailed it!!
  • Villiage_idiot
    As someone who's gone to the mat with recreational drugs and crawled away bloodied and bruised, the differences between pleasure and happiness make perfect sense as explained by Dr Lustig.
  • C
    I'm in love with this guy's mind and the way he tells it how it is without overcomplocating it. Thankful that he's sharing his honest studies 🙏
  • Renu Pathak
    I am an Indian, a biochemist and a teacher. I am completely in awe of this amazing man's articulation of the truth. Have his book fat chance and now listening to this is happiness for me. You Sir deserve a noble prize.
  • Fugg Uhber
    Serotonin: I have been clean and sober - after being a hardcore drug addict until I was 35 years old - for 32 years now, and understand these concepts very well.
    At about 2 years clean and sober, I had a very important awakening, that showed me that I was going to make it: I was at a park, by myself, on a wonderful sunny summer day, and I was just sitting and watching people, and then I saw this little 3 or 4 year old boy chasing ducks around and just laughing and being a bundle of fun. I just felt joy, and happiness........ for real, and I realized that this was the feeling I tried to find during 20 years of drug abuse....... and that what I was missing was real life, and simple happiness.
  • Marleen
    We need more people like dr Robert Lustig. He has has all the knowledge and arguments to show us what is actually going on in society (and not only is the US, here in Europe happens exactly the same)
  • DanielinLaTuna
    Fascinating. I’m old enough to remember the real estate industry conflating house with home. Initially, it was used because, I believe, houses were becoming harder to buy, and people were being “down-sold” the more affordable condominiums and townhouses. To remove the stigma of not being able to buy a traditional house, the industry massaged housing options into “homes.”

    Of course, they were also selling the concept of a “home,” a place where love resides, as being the same thing as the commodity “housing,” a collection of walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Ma-GC CGN
    I could listen to this doctor for hours. Extremely interesting and well explained.
  • Paul Hannam
    One of the best videos I have seen this year and as an authort myself, who writes about happiness,I agree with everything that Dr Lustig says. People need to see that their lifestyle is making them unhappy, unhealthy and destroying our planet. The Insane Society!
  • Alan Kovin
    This is one of the most informative youtubes I have seen, especially relevant for my work as an addiction therapist. Dr. Lustig, has been one of my heroes ever since I started learning about his teachings about sugar addiction. His summary of the interworkings of dopamine and serotonin and his elucidation of the titans of industry is a huge step forward in trying to get the word out on our broken and malfeasant food and health industries. It is so sad that the governmental systems of our country, tainted by the money and influence in politics, keep this destructive paradigm continuing from generation to generation. The grocery shelves of Walmart and the like are a disgrace, and we the American People, keep perpetuating. It will take nothing less than a revolution, possibly not non-violent to effect change here.
  • Blaine Snow
    Love this guy! So glad to have discovered his outstanding contribution to addressing solutions to the cultural debacle we're living in.
  • tonelocrian
    Still one of the best interviews of the decade, regarding how the brain has been hacked by corporate misinformation on your diet & nutrition, and how that affects your motivations for pleasure vs. true happiness. Featuring Ashley Mason, PhD & Dr. Robert Lustig.
  • Michael Shaw
    I just enjoy Dr. Lustig's talks, very enlightening. Unfortunately, we have too few of true intellectuals like him.
  • MG Movassaghi
    Dr. Lusting is knowledgeable, great speaker, very helpful and the best. I love his speeches.
    Good bless you sir.
  • Janine Pappas
    This guy is brilliant. Why are there so few people who realize this?
  • Paulecon
    I can really recommend reading this book. Applying those principles to your life can truly be life-changing. The right way to go is sometimes so hard to recognise in a misleading world. Thank you, Dr. Lustig, for your sharing these valuable thoughts with your readers.
  • Jon Nico
    Finally someone is telling the world 🌎 the truth!... absolutely brilliant.
  • Morticia147
    What a great, inspiring man - a pleasure listening to him.
  • Sheldon Springer
    Total respect for this Doctor! Thank you uctv for bringing us knowledge!