Keith Jarrett Trio - I Fall In Love Too Easily

Published 2011-06-12
Recorded Live In Tokyo,July 25,1993 at Open Theatre East

Keith Jarrett (p)
Gary Peacock (b)
Jack DeJohnette (d)

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  • @sirsoos3546
    This pianist is absolutely so in touch with his instrument, he is the music.
  • @openreels
    The music, of course, is sublime. Jarrett is in a class of his own. But the video work is also exceptional. The opening shot, close up on Keith and then pulling all the way back to the whole trio. Slow moves around the group. Great shots of the musicians in the zone, and sensitively edited together. Some of the best video I've seen of this group!
  • I’m stunned every time by what Jack, Gary and Keith achieved in their standards recordings and concerts. The soul and sophistication, the speed, facility, their communication, the harmonic beauty. I have faith in humanity because there are audiences who can HEAR this and appreciate this. Even if 1 percent of humanity is tuned in to this beauty and excellence, that’s enough to keep us from hurtling into the abyss. Three million views? That’s hope for me.
  • @warnelivesey
    This is transcendental. So much music in 9 minutes and none of it without purpose. Truly beautiful IMO.
  • @rmac1042
    Keith’s intros and outros are heavenly! Miniature works of art in themselves!
  • @russanthony8604
    The sheer adoration of the song - his timing, his phrasing and melodic invention embellishing a composition of great beauty - the rare glimpse into the soul of Mr Keith Jarrett
  • @lacry48
    All from the heart. The trio are so synced, every note is heartfelt. Heavenly.
  • @oddskarberg9675
    Jarrett is possibly the most complete jazz pianist since Bill Evans. His amazing improvisations and his ability to see opportunities in the old chord changes - it is absolutely outstanding!
  • @simonebrady05
    How utterly divine in the timing , delivery , and oh those 3 musicians ! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
  • @Ron239
    Gary Peacock's solo is absolutely extraordinary.
  • @mellthomas8064
    this runs through my whole being, every note is felt in the soul.
  • verdaderamente sienten la musica estos hombres, cada nota sale de su corazon y de su alma. increiblemente hermoso
  • @5046262
    Сойти с ума, как красиво!... Браво!!!!!!
  • @alikemali5210
    I fall in love too easily with these gifted musicians their sounds so pure and tender..
  • @matews
    Giving in piece the proper respect it deserves, I think Keith treated it more as a life form than a composition. You can feel the song grow, mature, develop, suffer, learn... all in ten minutes. He humanizes the piece- gives it a soul. Exceptional mastery!
  • @jaumeamargant8866
    El gran secreto de Keith Jarrett, lo que lo hace realmente especial, lo que define su música de una forma incontrovertible, es que jamás se aparta de la melodía inicial, pero la envuelve de tal forma que la convierte en algo nuevo mejor, sublime y único.
  • @ghmus7
    The greatest musician of our time. it's fascinating how much of his playing seems to have a poignant almost grief - like mood. I wonder what losses he has sustained.
  • @danpoynton
    Keith! You're a genius - on the level of Mozart. I know the IMMORTAL interpretation of I Fall In Love Too Easily from the Blue Note recordings, but this is just so moving and inspiring to hear this interpretation on another night. It's never the same - and always in The Flow. How does he (and Gary & Jack) do it? I have no idea. And perhaps it's better to just keep it a mystery.......