Sci-Fi Short Film "Big Boom" | DUST

Published 2023-04-19
The mysterious disappearance of every human on earth leaves a service robot wondering what his purpose is.

"Big Boom" by Brian Watson

"Big Boom" Credits:
Dante White Aliano - Jimbo, Bob, Chuzz, Mr. Dumpotron, Bugsy
Lucas Lanthier - Gas Station PA
Madeline Wager - ADA
Written, Directed, Edited, Scored, Animated by Brian Watson
Additional Artwork - Everett Gunther, Silver TM

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All Comments (21)
  • @TheeBurgerDude
    Hi everyone! My name's Brian Watson, I created this film with the help of some of my talented actor friends! Thank you so much for watching, and I'm stoked that many of you like it! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to respond, thanks again!
  • This is incredible! Love the story line, the animation and the "feeling". I would love to see a Part 2 or an expanded version. Many here would! Hey everyone... who here would like to see a Part 2??? Please vote!
  • @oakiemouse
    Been awhile since I watched this the first time and it still holds up as such an amazing short movie. I would enjoy if it was expanded upon further.
  • @andrewshaw7998
    Even though the robots aren't humanoid, their voices and personalities do a brilliant job of playing around in the uncanny valley. Great stuff, would love a part 2!
  • Hello Brian . This is one of the finest cgi(?) animations I have ever seen. The realistic look and feel of the sets: almost looked like stop motion with physical objects. The story was perfectly done – everything is clear without having to explain. The iconic 50’s aesthetic was pitch perfect including the “overseer” glaring down from his pole. Marvelous keep up the good work. Hope Jimbo finds his friend.
  • @WhyteOctopus
    I NEED TO SEE JIMBO AND BOB REUNITED! legit though, really well done, engaging and suspenseful. Totally thought the overseer was on an independent power supply and I was watching a horror story. Thank you, also I do really need to see them reunited.
  • @bgfd1
    That was wonderful. Everything, the acting, the animation, tones and textures. My attention was totally held. Could there be a part 2?
  • @Damonpuss
    Aww, poignant. I want to see if Jimbo found his friend. Wonderfully animated and great style... I love those liminal time zones.
  • @ZERO_O7X
    I haven't seen this one in a while. I've always loved the Fallout style vibe in this short.
  • @gilmotier
    I loved this short! I have such terrible ADD that it’s not uncommon for me to lose interest or get distracted and leave halfway through clips that aren’t even 3 minutes long. This was captivating. I wish it were a feature-length film.
  • @Michael-kb2jz
    Nice job. I like how you made the robots so likable. Would like to see more of your work.
  • @slayer8actual
    So did Jimbo and Bob meet halfway, and run out of power talking about their friendship while out in the middle of nowhere? At least that's how I pictured it. Two buddies talking about the old days with the humans, and laughing about how stupid we were. Until their batteries faded away.

    Great video.
  • @Jaggerbush
    Great job. The voice-over work was endearing and added a lot to your brilliant animation.
  • @obtuse1291
    These short films are incredible. Love them.
  • @cinemartin3530
    A nice short film, very similar to a teaser for a full-fledged film. Here, the potential is really felt, even if the authors put here something completely different from what I thought. Just imagine the journey of a robot, or even a whole hundred robots that explore the world of long-dead people, being, as it were, echoes of the former civilization. Or, our heritage? Or maybe another form of our existence? I already feel the beauty of the philosophical questions raised here. If it's easy for you and you have a desire, I would like to see a sequel. By the way, the robot turned out so charming! 😃
  • @lucar01inos16
    Great short. Imaginative, prophetic and intriguing. Quite a tiny feat! Thank you.
  • Beautifuly made, the story, the characters & animation, sound design, music... amazing fine work full of art and talent. Congratulations!
  • @Alexander-gt4rc
    That was really good. I really want to see what happens next. This should be a feature film.