If You Say Any Block in Minecraft, You EXPLODE

Published 2023-03-17

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  • DougDoug
    I hope everyone is excited to watch us beat the entirety of minecraft in this video, literally all of it
  • Mane
    AI has developed sentience, because there's no other way it could so aggressively punish DougDoug for LITERALLY breathing
  • Zinga
    Five minutes into the video, and it no longer feels like Doug's fault he's blowing up.
  • Pingoz
    DougDoug dying every time he talks is such a nice touch
  • kagomekirari25
    Watching this video is so funny cuz I watched Doug’s side on stream and in that context, to me, he came across as reasonable and like he was seriously trying, but from this side like 90% of what he says and does plays out as exercise in insanity to comedic effect, strengthened by seeing Pointcrow’s reactions to it all… A+ content
  • 15:18 i love how PointCrow gets away with saying bed multiple times and doug just explodes for saying nothing
  • Dalynx09
    Alternative Title: 2 Grown men refuse to say certain words inside of a videogame to live another day
  • Sea Moose
    Doug screaming carrot repeatedly while the detection does nothing is absolutely hilarious
  • the best part of this that got cut was the two of them talking for hours about how they were going to mine with "sharp and pointys" while totally forgetting that pickaxes are not blocks and therefore can be said.
  • dacolib
    These two have such great streamer chemistry. Also, while I like the "try to respond to tts" approach, having to coordinate with another person makes this challenge even better
  • Flameshock 101
    I just love that brief moment of realization at 17:10 when DougDoug takes a moment to look at PointCrow after he just says "bell" before they spontaneously combust. Pure comedy gold right there.
  • El Hopper
    The best part about this video is just randomly hearing the monotone “Nice job!” and then DougDoug exploding somewhere in the distance every couple of seconds😆
  • Krakaton
    I remember watching the 5 HOUR vod for this like a month ago or more, and was wondering just how long it would take to go through this beautiful stream and trim it into highlights. Honestly, still came out a lot faster than I expected
    i love how their codewords and workarounds end up so removed from the original concept theyre trying to discuss. its so nifty
  • it’s funny how their corpses stay visible on the map. the map just becomes flooded with corpses and holes every time they slip up in their sentences.
  • I loved the moment when they realized they could say bucket because it's not a block and they've just been saying "scoopy boy" this whole time for no reason.
  • Skorbio
    dougdoug is the streamer in its own league so many laughs in such a short time
  • i love how they say literally anything followed by a second of silence, then the program saying "nice job" and then a distant explosion
  • I'm really surprised he managed to condense this in less than 20 minutes. There were SOOO many funny moments in that stream that you could literally make a 1 hour video out of it. There are even multiple (,painful) arcs
  • It's always a treat when PointCrow does one of these types of videos, they never fail to be absolutely hilarious