Turning Red explained by an Asian

Published 2024-03-30
Turning Red explained by an Asian

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  • @Pudding404
    "Hated for being too realistic." Sadly that's become all too common. Being realistic is really Pixar's thing.
  • @gachatuber0009
    I cant believe it was ranked as one the top 5 worst movies. This movie was very realistic in showcasing the struggles of Asian children and truing to live up to their parents visions, the red panda being the ugly side of themselves, which the parnets wish to get rid of. The movies aim here was to show that the aspects of oneself is nothing to be ashamed of as its perfeclty normal. Having periods isnt gross or weird, its perfectly normal for teens and women to go through and is a sign of maturity as well.
  • @BurntSushi.
    Thank god I actually found someone who doesn't hate this movie :') I loved it.
  • @GameOver-nm2us
    I love how he goes from a stereotypical Asian voice to an American man's deep ass voice in a flick
  • @nerd26373
    Turning Red is a coming-of-age film. Personally I think it's pretty enjoyable. Once you watch it, you're gonna watch it several times until you lose interest in it.
  • @shaggybangs
    10:55 "I lIkE bOys" "I lIkE kPoP muSiC" "I liKe tWeRkiNg" 🗣️🔥🔥
  • this movie legit made me cry cos for once, a movie actually showed something that hits extremely close to home...especially as an asian Canadian with and strict immigrant filipino mom
  • @n0uded
    4:06 made an asian open his eyes asians are always amazing at one liners.
  • When Meimei started to draw those pictures I felt so called out it brought me back to my middle school days 🥲
  • @kiwidev01
    This is actually the funniest shit i've ever seen, and the most formative lmao
  • @teslaoui7970
    bro ur exaggerated Asian accented reviews cure my depression very instantly lah..thank you so muchhi😘
  • @M0thy.W0thy
    “Go sing unda da sea” had me rolling out of my bed- 😭✋🏾
  • @sp3d.up.4udi0s
    nooo this is literally one of the best (and relatable) movies!! I've loved it sm even when it first came out (I also have strict asian parents and I relate to mei a lot) and it's really just a very good movie overall
  • @monicastamant
    This is one of my favorite movies in the past few years. I relate to Mei so much. I grew up being really into Jpop boy bands and my parents thought it was the weirdest thing ever. I was bullied at school and felt like a total freak and was depressed. I finally found some friends who liked me for me and who enjoyed similar things to me. I ended up going to local anime cons, etc. and eventually studied abroad in Japan and felt so normal and safe for the first time. I also experienced a lot of trauma as a kid from my parents, who had a lot of trauma when they were younger. It was really emotional seeing the ending of this movie - I’m so glad Mei’s mom realized how harsh she was being and started to love her daughter in a less controlling way, but I never got that, and now I’m 33. This movie is so cute and fun and depicts friendship and childhood so realistically yet in a comforting way. And the animation style is amazing. I love everything about it ❤ and your commentary was hilarious 😂
  • @Mickelraven
    I totally agree with you. I think Turning Red gets way too much hate. This is definitely one of Pixar's most underrated movies ever.
  • @milliejeanvgc
    I love how you tied serious narrative critiquing the experiences Asian kids have, while also weaving it with admiration and support for the culture and family they love.