Biden official's 'liberal world order' remark goes viral

Published 2022-07-01
Fox News contributor Joe Concha and ‘Outnumbered’ co-hosts discuss inflation in President Biden’s America as travel, food costs skyrocketing ahead of the July 4th weekend.

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All Comments (21)
  • Joseph Talmadge
    every single minute of every single day Joe just keeps reminding us all how great president Trump really was let's go Brandon
  • XandZ
    Imagine a Republican official saying "Conservative world order" in front of a camera. Holy Christ, they are incredibly confident considering the state the union.
  • Putin looking at Trump: "This guy means business. Better wait that out."
    Putin looking at Biden: "A vegetable. Nothing to fear about. The moment has finally come."
  • Bryan Jones
    Somehow I think the constitution didn't allow for a "world order" of any type....
  • Miles Hamblen
    When he says Russia 3 or 4 times he's trying to reinforce his lie.
  • Nicky Borrosino
    I never voted for Biden, but I remember all of the aggressive, destructive, damaged people who voted for him. I can tell who they are because they calmed down and got really really quiet for the last 2 years.
  • If you believe that it’s Putin’s fault then you deserve the president you have 😆
  • rhiannon201426
    That is terrifying. I can't believe someone confessed to this. People need to wake up
  • Jeff Prostar190
    TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS. No lifetime healthcare, pension after 4 or 8 years. Truman said show me a rich politician , I'll show you a crooked politician. Never truer than today.
  • Michael Matt
    As someone looking from the outside, this is the very first time in all my life I've felt like America really has no president.
  • Erin Schmidt
    “Inflation is up in other countries” or “fuel prices are up in other countries” is the most scapegoat and cowardly cop out response I’ve ever heard from someone who is supposed to be our leader.
  • Me Me
    President Trump right again. He stated "they are not after me, they are after you..I'm just in their way".
  • Calli Kohl
    I am only traveling about 40 miles this weekend, and as a Social Security recipient, I'm cringing at that. But I'm going to be with my family. Shame on O'biden trying to say "it's worse elsewhere". I don't care about elsewhere, I care about the United States.
  • Kansas Bashkir
    Because of Russia….really? “Liberal World Order”….I don’t think so! I’m an Independent voter and am now a registered Republican. LET’S GO BRANDON!
  • C White301
    The sad part of this is that there are some people who believe Joe is actually competent and telling the truth.
  • Daniel Miedema
    Happy Independence day for all our veterans and we pray for the ones Biden left behind
  • Mikki Pace
    "As long as it takes..."
    So he's basically stating "Ukraine is more important, just get over it americans."
  • Ocean Hedonist
    It's definitely troubling when you realize that the chief executive is a pathological liar.