Community Center Glitchless Speedrun World Record

Published 2022-05-10
This has been my goal for almost 2 years now and I'm happy to say I finally did it! While it's not a perfect run by any means it's still the run I'm the most proud of. Special thanks to CorditeTV for the money re-route to make this milestone realistic and just a thank you to everyone who watched and participated with me on this journey. That said onto the next run!

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  • Charles Carpenter
    I love seeing speedrunners post World Records and in the video going off about how its gonna be a bad run. Always cracks me up. Congratulations on your WR and can't wait for you to beat it again. Always enjoy your content.
  • abacustoms
    He’s done it again, I love watching people succeed in something they’re good at :)
  • Frikiman
    2:36 When you animation cancel so hard you summon a tuna out of nowhere.
  • Nereid-Bat
    Congrats on the new WR, Haboo!! It's always so much fun watching your runs and learning so many new tricks to use when I play casually.
  • sanjna
    Congrats, Haboo! This was an incredible run and it's been so fun to be with you on this journey
  • leturna
    I’m so glad I was able to witness this live. What an awesome moment!!
  • Augusto Bonito
    This was the first speedrun I've genuinely enjoyed watching, such an amazing game and such an amazing way of taking advantage of details in the game, well done, it was amusing.
  • boryavasili
    YouTube is fucking fired for not bringing this to my attention sooner. Absolute huge congratulations, this is a crazy record.
  • Ross Allen
    The invisible shirt thing is funny. I had the same thing happen to me when I got my driver's license. I wore a blue shirt that happened to be the exact shade of the background. It legitimately looked like my head was floating.
  • Maria M
    Congrats!!! The animation cancelling was really clean, I love seeing it in Haboo's runs
  • YuuKanda07
    I'm so happy whenever you get a new WR! You're my favorite speedrunner. Love your content! You've helped me through difficult times.
  • CorditeTV
    thanks for the shoutout and congrats on the funny run PB, awesome to see the milestone on this category!
  • Banana Pear
    I've played this game for 400 hours and finished the whole community central only once lmao
  • Jess
    so happy i was able to watch you do it live :) incredible work as always haboo, you deserved this 100%
  • Naomi
    I really didn't think it would PB, let alone be 2 minutes below 2.30 :') Nice improvising and was super fun to watch live, GG!
  • Boog2811
    Congrats on the new WR Haboo!!! I've loved watching your streams to chill and whatnot, can't wait to see what you tackle next, whether that's blindfolded Crafts Room, or something else :)
  • TheLegendofLexis
    This was such a fun run to watch live, and a well deserved WR! So much time, effort, and dedication has gone into this run. Congratulations, handsome. 🥰
  • Snuggle with Sam
    I caught the tail end of it live and had to go right into a session immediately upon you getting it, but I was so happy for you and was grinning from compersion the whole session! I've only discovered you this year but I've appreciated the grinding I've seen you do on your Twitch streams to get to this point, and I can't imagine what it was like for you to spend 2-3 years to make it happen.

    What a birthday gift to get! Congratulations!
  • Ann O'Neemus
    I look forward to watching your speed runs so much! I'm just a casual player but I've learned so much from your speed runs. Congrats!