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Published 2016-10-07

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  • Wow - 56 mph from a vintage Merc. Stunning glassy water and scenery. Excellent video.
  • @cantwell161
    My heart was thumping the entire time. Reminds me of my dad and I on the river in the 80’s with his 1977 Merc 115hp tower of power. Awesome! 😃👏🏻
  • @billp9921
    Very very nice! Beautiful engine, beautiful boat and incredible scenery!
  • I've watched this video multiple times over past few years. It takes me back to the 60s. My Dad bought this same 80 hp Merc in 61'. Had a new 16 ft aluminum runabout that my brothers and sister skied off of. Lot of awesome memories.
  • @etravix
    Excellent vintage style boat. Love those classic Mercs too. Thanks for sharing.
  • @kalaharimine
    Nice, lovely scenery. What prop were you using and how many revs? I used to get about 6100rpm with 24 inch chopper prop with my 115hp S6 Merc LE on a stripped out 16 foot glass fibre piranha.
  • @kita508
    I have Mercury Tower of Power on my 1982 bassboat never had a problem the engine, I top out at 54 still running great in 2023.
  • @miguelsalami
    Georgous Scenery 👍👍 Back in the mid 1960s my dad had a 25ft Owens Cabin Cruiser on lake Michigan. A brand new speedboat was flying along with a Merc1000 we pulled up next to him & my dad yelled Are you all out! The guy pushed his throttle down & yelled back Yea I'm all out, my dad told us Hang on kids then he eased his throttle down wide open & we ran off & left that speed boat a mile behind lol. My dad just laughed He was an aviation mechanic in the Marines so everything had to fly.
    Thanks for sharing💛
  • Awesome boat and motor. You should be very proud of your hard work. The boat rides perfect on top of the water.
  • Love those tower of powers through the years. I like them better than the v6 's
  • As I recall it those big motors on small boats were so un balanced and unstable that you wouldn't leave them unattended at the dock for fear of swamping except under perfect conditions.
  • @emeeul
    Great work - love that motor. What gps software did you use for this video? More people should use it.
  • I have said this before, I love this boat. Would love to build one but in Britain all inland waterways have speed limits.😫
  • @michaelsell6928
    Impressive. What year is that engine? How much does it weigh? How much does boat weigh ready to run?
  • @turkjohnson4009
    Dad had one of these when i was growing sound of the 6 cylinder 2 strokes......
  • @pcbw75
    love it all!!!!!! beautiful!