Las Vegas man sues FedEx over used delivery trucks

Published 2021-05-17
Allegations in a lawsuit filed by a Las Vegas man that one of the biggest delivery companies in America is re-selling its trucks without disclosing the true mileage on some of the vehicles is raising questions.

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  • E C
    As a former employee of FedEx for 10 years I can confirm this is totally something they would do
  • Those people that banned him at the auction should be federally investigated and charged with fraud among other charges.
  • Charles Fuller
    The entire reason for the third party to sell is to cutoff liability. This was the plan from the beginning.
  • David Davis
    Just remember if YOU were selling cars and rolling back the odometer YOU would be arrested. Two legal systems in this country, one for powerful corporations and the rich and another for the rest of us.
  • Future Pants
    Fedex: "we sell the trucks once they hit the mileage criteria for retirement"
    Ok then why does the odometer say "49k" if you need to hit the retirement criteria?
    Fedex : "crickets chirp*
  • Good look getting a hold of anybody at ARI! We use them as a fleet management company and they are horrible to deal with. A brake caliper sticking on right front rotor and they just replaced the caliper and pads on the bad side. Wouldn’t even let Firestone replace the pads on the other side! Brake pads comes in 2 pairs per box! Who only replaces one side? ARI is crooked!
  • alan
    When they banned the guy from the auction I already know FedEx is wrong
  • If the listing says “LOW MILES” and list another amount of mileage far lower than what they claim, that is done so with the intent of deception. Plain and simple.

    There is a reason why odometer swaps without disclosure is against the law. Because it is done with the sole intent to mislead and defraud the end buyer of the actual mileage and therefore stated condition of said vehicle. Just because an auction sells “as is”, doesn’t give them a free pass to violate the law and straight up lie and defraud people.

    I hope this guy wins and wins HUGE! And that the companies involved also end up with massive fines in the end. Along with an order to “cease and desist” this criminal practice!
  • I worked for CCX and we did it right we sent out new odometer/speedometer to a shop and had the milage set to what was on our trucks at the time of the odometer replacement and the trucks were out of service until the new odometer was replaced with the correct mileage. Thank you all that worked at Gene's Speedometer
  • Big Jay
    You get caught ripping people off and and your response to that is to kick him out of the auctions. I would have thought higher of FedEx but I guess not. Really goes to show you can't trust nobody...
  • If you or I were caught selling vehicles with inaccurate odometer information that we installed, do you really think they would say it’s not illegal? Of course not. There are laws prohibiting this but corporations do seem to have to follow law.
  • puirYorick
    Odometer tampering is outright fraud. One of the big three got caught doing this to their own executive fleet cars being sold as new back in the 80s. All my cars have had legit low mileage but people never believe me because of all the scammers out there. I just don't drive often or far.
  • JD2105
    Wow, he even bought the vehicle off the other guy that got ripped off, what a dude. Hope he can get this fixed
  • John C Holmes
    Ok, as a 25 year diesel technician, fleet and independent, I can tell you that speedometers fail quite frequently. I have changed dozens. Tech orders parts, parts come in, as new 0 mile reading and it gets installed. Some times it will be documented, sometimes not. You can access the ECM, but those fail too, and when they do, sometimes they can be downloaded, and reprogrammed to the new module, however, they can lose internal memory when they fail as well.

    My honest opinion, FedEx just wants their equipment fixed economically and doesn't care. The auction house is the one taking advantage of both sides of the situation. But seriously buyer beware, you can't honestly think a 90's delivery vehicle would have 80,000 miles on it really???
  • Jim Da
    I am thoroughly convinced that there is absolutely nothing that exists in this world today that has not been corrupted by evil people.
  • Love how UPS was willing to throw a jab at FedEx with that statement. I hope this guy wins and includes the auction house in the lawsuit. I also hope this gets the FBI involved and large fines are issued to both companies. This is all the more reason I like UPS better than FedEx
  • ThreePhaseHigh
    The old truck dealer seems like a really good straight an honest guy . And FedEx would steal a penny from you if they thought they could get away with it.
  • Gordon Chin
    This guy didn't think it was suspicious that these old delivery trucks had such ridiculously low mileage?
  • Alan T
    Obviously if he is now banned from all the auctions... that means the auction houses were all in on it too
  • dusty bowman
    Silencing the messenger has been part of American business for a very longtime.