I Built A Mathematically Accurate NUKE in Minecraft!

Published 2024-02-10
I built a scientifically accurate nuke in Minecraft hardcore!
I built a world record explosion in Minecraft hardcore!
I built a mathematically accurate nuke in Minecraft hardcore!

Shout out to Oppenheimer for the inspiration!
Shout out to Jason for the help!

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I spent over 500 hours breaking the world record for the largest ever TNT explosion in survival to keep a promise to explode a TNT per subscriber. The bomb we made is mathematically accurate to a real nuclear bomb!
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Design - 00:00
Collection - 03:06
Building - 13:03
Chain Reaction - 21:42
Toppling - 35:30
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All Comments (21)
  • @SB737
    What a big boi blast that was
  • @TheYinZip
    43:05 I kept repeating throughout the whole fuse that that little bit of music was gonna be a rickroll. Ive never felt more accomplished
  • @otter502
    19:35 make sure to make backups, get a solid hard drive like a super high density one and backup your entire hard drive
    This can help prevent stuff like this
  • @stef_74
  • 9:42 Man, I sure love when all you need for a redstone contraption is hoppers, hoppers, hoppers, hoppers and hoppers. It makes my life so much easier.
  • Lava legit just revived the entire channel, hardcore series and bros life. Give some respect to him
  • The dedication that went into this video is nuts. Great work Wunba ❤
  • @sleeper6548
    Avoided human interaction till the end, truly a minecraft player!
  • @BlokMaster21309
    The editing is amazing. The syncing of the beacon building to the music was 👌
    Also I was so expecting the PC fried thing to turn into an ad for some prebuilt company, but thankyou SOOO much for not doing that.
    The actual TNT exploding deserved more screen time tho.
  • @mac_pls
    *afraid the TNT will crash his world
    *builds a literal lag machine for the setup anyway.
  • I love how wunba lost thousands of files but saved his world and now he’s fine, Minecraft is the key to the soul
  • @Marcel-yu2fw
    19:12 You were so lucky that first time the hard drive broke. Most of the time it is either impossible or increadibly expensive to recover lost data from corrupted drives.
    ALWAYS make backups! Even when the motherboard doesn't kill it, an SSD can only be written to and read from a limited number of times. Eventually (usually after many years but still) it WILL break.
  • @turtleboy_t
    Hey Wunba, just want to say congrats on 1,000,000 subscribers. I've been tuning in for a while now and it's so amazing to see how much your channel has grown and how amazing your content has become. Way to go keep making amazing content my mans.
  • @JustALaddd
    Considering the size of each Minecraft project you do and the amount of time it must take to complete them + having the video edited justifies the "terrible" upload shedule.
    The wait is well worth it! Keep it up! <3
  • @Hunoa44
    As a minecraft player that started in beta 1,4 and a person who loves to see massive explosions
    I totally approve of this Nuke,its so heckin epic and your editor did your project justice too(except the text,it was a bit too fast sometimes)
    9,9/10 (tier rating: PERFECT [9,5 or above])
  • @ItsTimoCruz
    This all just makes me think how far minecraft has come from watching The Creatures back in the day and everything begging Notch to fix the ladders. Insane to think about and i feel mad old.

    Dope video man, insane effort!
  • @Yasser-444
    i don't know man, but placing 66 blocks per second seems like a solid recipe for frying your own hard drive 😅
  • 13:40 "Wait, are we saying there's a chance that when we push that button, we destroy the world?"
    "Chances are near zero"