Best Chalk Art Wins $5,000!

Published 2022-06-30

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    Subscribe if you haven't already! It would really mean the world to me :)
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  • grasshead
    Im so glad Ryan got to join the squad! He is so nice! <3 I loved his art piece
  • Little painter
    I love your channel and everyone's work! I would love it if you guys could do a challenge with color pencils. I would also love to see someone draw a horse in a challenge like that!
  • stay_4512
    I really loved how Ryan's chalk art turned out and how he did the illusion to it 😍 so amazing
  • • Mari •
    I love all the new artists and the war between everyone 😂 Keep up the great work! Stay safe ❤️
  • Julia Mansur
    I love how ZHC never fails to entertain us!
  • I love watching these art competitions! they are always so inspiring. Good job to everybody who puts effort into these videos.
  • The Joker
    Ben & Ryan definitely should've gotten more points from your friend they have some very high standards
  • 80x5bree
    Zack has never failed to entertain me but I got to say mcKenzie can be hilarious 😂
  • Zoe Brinkman
    Coconut oil on the burn 🔥 it helps allotted 😊
  • Sara Thompson
    Ryan’s piece was incredible. I definitely agree that he is the winner. Love that ZHC is including people from instant influencer.
  • Stella Au
    Thank you ZHC! You never fail to give us amazing videos! During the relay race it was fun and funny to see everyone trying to go fast.
  • Lyra Jaro
    Ryan is definitely a good addition to the team. He has the best chalk art. My personal favorite is Jake's because it is creative.
  • Wow I can’t belive u are able to make masterpieces out of CHALK! Plus must be hard with out a reference. Keep up the amazing art work! You guys are talented!
  • DezzyDayy
    you guys all are so talented and you guys make such good content!
  • Suresh Yadav
    Honestly speaking that rayan has done a lot of hard work and as he is father with children just unbelievable . Love you a lot from India rock zhc .
  • Nan Tee
    You guys are so talented. Jake,Mackenzie and Ben are so funny and I love how you bring new people on to have a chance at winning. I’m subbed to all channels. 💖❤️
  • wh!tegh0st
    It's so nice to see Ryan joining in too! I hope that there will be more new artist joining this!!!!!!
  • shivraj sandhu
    I love your art when i am bored I come straight to your channel .I love watching your channel. Thanks for such entertaining content.