NVIDIA expects to get away with this...

Published 2022-09-21
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All Comments (21)
  • VGMoney
    I hope AMD/Intel can really put up some competition so NVIDIA can't pull things like this
  • Garret Hopwood
    I am one in the camp of "wait til November" to see what AMD brings out. Hoping it's good enough to go full team red.
  • Champion Hero
    The other thing you forgot to mention was that not only does the 12GB have a lower spec core, the memory bus is also lower than that of the 16GB version (which is already lower than that of the 3080!) Its a seriously gimped card, actually more relevant to being a 4060ti when you compare it against its peers spec for spec

    FTR, I'm still running a GTX 1080 simply because the whole range of Nvidia cards since the RTX launch has been incredibly poor value for money. Sure the 3000 series was great performance, but their obscene pricing has put me off. I remember paying £280 for my 970 and we're now expected to pay almost a grand for the same range?
    I'm waiting to see what AMD do (not that the 1080 really struggles at 1440p tbh)
  • Mikey Bee
    I'm actually excited to try out AMD's next GPU lineup for the first time
  • SharkForge
    For the first time in my life I am actually considering dropping nvidia from my future builds. I've stuck with them because their GPUs have simply just been working for me. I've never had an issue with nvidia cards... but then again I always get EVGA cards.... and we all know what happened there... knowing EVGA is no longer putting out nvidia GPUs... and the shit you're unveiling has got me both bummed out and eyeballing up AMD more and more. Thank you so much for breaking this down for us. You're a legend Jay. I will say, it sucks seeing you so burnt out by all this disappointment. I really hope some kind of good news is on the horizon for PC builders. I know it's hopeful dreams... but I really hope EVGA works something out with AMD for a partnership.
  • Jawzzy
    You are absolutely right. They are just naming lower end cards to the next class and hope nobody would notice and in the same time increase the performance gap between classes, so they can later slot in the Ti versions. That 12GB 4080 is what the 4070 was supposed to be. I really think the blind greed got the better of them this time.
    We have insanely high prices, huge number of second hand cards flooding the market, now that the mining went tits up. Add to that the brutal increase in prices of things people actually need to survive and the insane power draw of these new cards. I think Nvidia will have a heck of a hard time moving the new cards this time around.
    A lot more people will pay attention to AMD's release this time around. AMD, if they have a good product, may be able to snatch a solid chunk of Nvidia's market share.
  • The price hikes and loss of EVGA are major deterrents to me going RTX 4000.
  • Saffy7411
    Honestly, with the size of your channel, you shouldn't be worried about free bees from Nvidia. Having said that, I'm glad that you're not afraid to speak your mind and care enough to share with people exactly what is happening. Keep up the good work!
  • Bri
    I was so excited that GPU prices were coming down so I could finally buy my son (and I) RTX cards. Between the news about eVGA's split with NVidia and Nvidia's horrendous anti-consumer practices, yeah, I think I'm done with them. Already built our PCs with nice Ryzen CPUs so I guess we're going for AMD GPUs. Those 4080 series price points are just ridiculous. Such a shame. I love the cards. Thank you for the honest reviews and perspectives, it is truly appreciated.
  • sleye
    This is the cycle. Honestly, I think it's a sign that AMD is going to put out something good. Nvidia wants to extract as much wealth from the system before their dominance wanes which ironically is going to push more people to the other side
  • I'm definitely skipping this generation. I have a 3090 now, and although I technically have the money for a 4090, I'm not going to bother. When the day comes and I look at replacing my 3090, I will be taking a look at AMD's professional cards. 32GB of VRAM sounds very nice! (and I run a very, very heavily modded skyrim to the point where I've actually used 92% of the 3090's vram, so there ARE use cases out there for it other than video editing + other professional work.
  • First they manipulate price of the cards, then they cut off almost half of the cores and still charge almost $1,000. It's time that we got some diversity in these cards. EVGA is looking a lot better today for their decision. If our leather coated friend wants to be Apple so much he should just go work for them. First we got shafted by the pandemic, then they shafted Us by selling most of the cards to Bitcoin miners, then it felt like a paper launch of the 3070 series, then they artificially inflate the price by controlling the supply, and now this. I don't care how many cool gadgets like resizable bar or Ray tracing they have, Nvidia right now looks like they don't know how to run their business, and they lost the mindset of their value customers, the ones who helped build them up to what they are today.
  • bassx101
    Micro Center is an excellent place to shop for electronics and pc builder enthusiast, so glad you have these guys as a sponsor. Good co op Jay 👍
  • Nomadic Z
    I'm so glad uve stayed true to ur content over the years and haven't sold out so to speak the way most other youtubers do. Thank you for all your time,effort,knowledge, and honesty. Keep doing what u do good sir.
  • Just got an MSI 3080ti, very happy with it. I work in Blender with 3D rendering so I have a lot of incentive to stick with Nvidia cards. I expect this 3080 to suit me for a LONG time, hopefully by the time I need something more they'll have gotten their act together.
  • Nicholas Wong
    I think waiting to see what AMD has is a great idea this time around. Especially if like most gamers, ray tracing really adds almost nothing in graphical fidelity for an absurd price and power increase, while RDNA was already faster for rasterization. With the loss of EVGA, which is the only company I buy my Nvidia graphics cards from, even with concerns of FOMO and shortages, I don't see why you wouldn't reasonably wait to see what AMD has to offer.
  • LunaticStrike
    Quite interesting video. Honestly I had do replace two old computers with old GTX 970s of my children one year ago and ended up buying two notebooks with RTX3060 graphic chips.

    Meanwhile i still run my 980ti and I will stick to it as long as it runs. I am was planning to buy an RTX 3000 series but skipped it due to the insane pricing back then. Meanwhile I was hoping for the 4000 series but I will skip that too. I am currently planning to buy the next AMD once it’s released and completely avoid NVIDIA or maybe go for that new Intel ARC cards if they turn out to be good. I am not entirely sure
  • Grant Mckenzie
    The more I read into Nvidia, the sleazier their business seems. No wonder evga split ties
  • Nicolas M.
    I will definitly wait to see what AMD will do with the 7000 series this time arround, and if they really dont compete Ill probably ride my gpu until the end and see is the GTX 40 ti is worth