Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Pro Gun Metal Gray Unboxing

Published 2022-01-23
Hi everybody! Today I am unboxing my new Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Pro in Gun Metal Grey! I am super excited to try this gun out, as it is by far the nicest AR I have every had my hands on. Please let me know what you want me to shoot with this gun in my upcoming first impressions video!

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  • Greg Boggs
    I have the same rifle with a Vortex LPVO on it. The rifle is a tack driver. Also added a bipod and Vickers tactical sling. Make a great all purpose weapon. Also I have the DDM4a1 which is my CQBR.
  • takkubell
    just picked this up can't wait to hit the range
  • So Not Cali
    I have the same rifle purchased about a month or so ago. I put a primary arms 1-6 with acss reticle. Love the gun and you will as well
  • stringtheory80
    I bought the DDM4V7 and replaced the trigger with a timney Calvin elite and the charging handle, and put a sharps Nicole boron BCG in there and but a muzzle break on it…. I love it sooooo much
  • Sean Knapp
    Love my pro but my only color choice was black as I wanted the rattle can but that said I love it smooth operator for sure
  • Jim Clark
    I have heard good reviews with the EOTech VUDU scopes. Have 1-6, 1-8, and 1-10 offerings.
  • Frank Rose
    Thinking of buying this exact rifle! I was looking for reviews on YouTube but couldn't find any. This came in clutch, I am gonna throw a strike eagle 1-8 on it
  • G G
    I saw one in person and I was in love lol. Very nice..The video don't do it justice compared to seeing it in person
  • Taz717
    So how do you like the DDM4V7 Pro after shooting it? Will you be posting a video from the shooting range soon?
  • The Jeep Dude
    I just got the exact same rifle about a month ago. Haven't shot it yet but I got a Sig Sauer Sierra3BDX 2.5-8x32 Riflescope, Alpha2 Scope Mount and Romeo1PRO 1x30 Reflex Sight Combo Kit, Black, SOSBDX321R1 × 1 at Molly's Place for $599. I figured it's a .556 so 8x is plenty plus the diagonally mounted Romeo 0 pro reflex give you some tactical flexibility. Also the Sierra BDX is blue tooth with a Sig range finder and you can tailor the BDC to your specific round since I load my precision ammo. It is really cool if you haven't seen yet. I can't wait to set up and shoot this beautiful rifle.
  • lupehn
    Should I get this one or the standard Ddmv4? I haven’t seen this model in person but it looks amazing. I’d like to know how it’s holding up
  • MichaelJCortez
    The other variants of the DDM4v7 Pro does not have the radian raptor charging handle on it.
  • coolzwizard99
    Thats a sexy gun bro. I really like that colour too. Have fun at the range!!
  • Caleb Clark
    You need to ad a red strike industries forward assist. I did on mine.
  • Chapman Bajan
    I purchased the same rifle. Used IMI 77 Grain 5.56 and shot sub MOA. My optic is an EOTECH 1-6. Amazing looking rifle.
    Sweet pickup 💪👍🤝
  • Lee Alan
    DD needs to step up their game! Who wants a AR15 with a 90 degree safety selector? ANSWER: Nobody, 45 degrees is much better. Who wants a $2000+ AR15 that isn’t a true ambidextrous rifle? ANSWER: Nobody, for that price the competition comes with true ambidextrous features.