Matt Green performs his original song ‘Not Take Me Back To London’ | The Voice Stage #87

Published 2023-12-04
What did you think of Matt’s Blind Audition? Let us know in the comments below 👇

🚨 Song info:
Matt Green performed his original song ‘Not Take Me Back To London' on season 12 of The Voice UK in 2023.

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All Comments (16)
  • @bestofthevoice
    What did you think of Matt's Blind Audition? And, would you have loved to have Matt as your teacher in school? ✌
  • Can you imagine a complete set of his Science raps as a study guide for kids. I forget what I did yesterday, yet at 72 years old, I can remember lyrics to songs I heard from the 60's with complete recall. Fantastic idea. Hope he goes far.
  • @shlokjayan
    Current favorite The Voice Audition 🤌🏼🧡
  • @ashiba4024
    Because of his strong accent I could not pick up all the words, however, with that said he was amazing.
  • @hkmjg5309
    Amazing! So clever to teach science through rap! 🧪 🎤
  • @shara-la8629
    No. Show is called The Voice not the Recital with some rhythm.