ARMAGEDDON TIME Trailer (2022) Anne Hathaway

Published 2022-09-06
ARMAGEDDON TIME Trailer (2022) Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Chastain, Jeremy Strong, James Gray
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  • @666acarius
    Anthony Hopkins is one of only a handful of actors that can stir so much emotion from a single line of dialogue. He really is incredible.
  • God that line; "next time those schmucks say something bad about those kids, you're going to say something. You're going to be a mensch, okay. Firm handshake, now give me a hug". These are lessons we needed then and now.
  • @czzc2369
    It's amazing to see Anthony Hopkins still rocking it. Besides his acting he is creating an insane amount of paintings that are in a way creepy but beautiful.
  • @chasehedges6775
    This movie looks fantastic and the cast is a 10/10.

    Also, love that it’s set in the 80s
  • It’s Anthony Hopkins. If he puts his energy into a story, especially when it is about something that is being discussed in-real-time & death threats are a social media sensation while our own government has a ear to their concerns.
    I will do capital letters, one last time, because this means that much.
  • @shawncdonnelly
    This is not what I expected in a sequel to ARMAGEDDON.
  • @TheCommish
    Nice to see uncle Anthony is so many new upcoming flicks!
  • @roriau
    Anthony Hopkins my man. It took 84 years to look this good.
  • Great to see Jeremy Strong in this amazing line-up. Definitely got my attention in The Big Short and The Gentlemen, and probably some other things I didn't realise he was in... The Trial of The Chicago 7 for example. Actors like that who go deep into the role, regardless of how big or small, are an important part of making theatre and cinema what it is.
  • @jeffgallant649
    I love Anthony Hopkins I always said he was one of the best actors ever
  • @55555gino
    Omg. What a cast. Anne, Anthony, Jeremy and Jessica 😳. Can’t wait for this
  • @user-kz4wq2xx8t
    I first saw Michael Banks Repeta playing the younger version of Tom Holland's character in The Devil All The Time and boy he was one of the greatest things from that movie. His performance was unforgettable. So happy he's got another promising role and movie in this one and that he got to work with legends! So excited for this kid!
  • @tutoright
    I thought I was gonna cringe, but by the end I was all in. Also Anthony Hopkins is so good he can make me feel emotion in a trailer.
  • Anthony hopkins again showing the world why he is one of the most acclaimed actors of this current generation of actors
  • @dR3n5ky
    this Hopkins fella has a bright future ahead of him, I sense he'll become a great actor
  • This looks truly amazing. Finally a great film to look forward to seeing!
  • @sonchik6324
    You go Jeremy!! So excited to see him getting bigger roles
  • @chrisburns2309
    Finally after two almost three years, amazing movies about story are finally back for the people to watch. Not only cheap ass b films being churned out.