How I Won the Biggest Pokémon Tournament Ever

Published 2023-03-18
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This is the story of how I won the Orlando Regional Championships, the biggest official Pokemon tournament ever.

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All Comments (21)
  • Wolfe accidentally climbing to the top of the Showdown ladder and causing his team to become popular and well-known is one of the funniest flexes of all time
  • InfernoSam
    "Even if my opponents had experience against the team, it wasn't the same as having experience against me." is such a raw and terrifying line to hear from a world champion
  • Marto
    Wolfey preping: "i don't want to risk the tourney on a coinflip"
    Wolfey in the finals: "well good old coin, here we go again"
  • HoodlumCallum
    You're a better man than me. I'd be so salty if everyone started copying my team LMAO.
  • Sirus0S
    "Perish Trap is pretty widely considered the single hardest strategy to use in competitive Pokémon. it's so difficult in fact, that it has only ever won one official Pokémon tournament."

    "Yep. By me."
  • Zeldrake
    The editing on this is absurdly high quality, it's one of the best I've ever seen. Being able to keep up with everything and the video not being fifteen hours long is incredible
  • Imagine being a pokemon, training hard for the greatest battle of your life... only to find yourself trapped in this weird room you can't escape from as Hungrybox and his tall goth gf sing a song so off-key it kills you
  • Crumbling
    Funny how you changed lots of stuff in your team to counter Torkoal thinking there were gonna be a lot, yet didn't have to play a single one all tournament.
  • Pokéshorts
    @WolfeyVGC I was the kid who after the last match of the day I asked you to sign my bulbasaur and you signed it on the belly (this was in Tennessee in February 2023 near the end of the month) I just wanted to say thank you, I wanted you to sign my bulbasaur because it's number 1 in the pokédex, and your my number 1😊
  • Ember Dusk
    8:42 This foreshadowing is so genius and I love it, showing a coin flip and saying you don't want it coming down to luck only for that to be the end of it all is amazing scripting well done Wolfe for another amazing video!
  • Thot Patrol
    This guy is literally a world champion and in the videos he makes us feel like he is the underdog. Amazing work
  • Jay Tremblay
    "Even if my opponents had experience against the team, that didn't mean they had experience against me" is the most badass 'Final Boss - Protagonist' thing I've ever heard 👏
  • Samir Ahmed
    “Even if my opponents had experience against the team, it wasn’t the same as having experience against me” - The real world champ difference
  • pokeaimMD
    Goat. Super deserved million subs soon and fantastic performance
  • Parzival
    Wolfey going up to number one in the ladder, giving everyone experience against his team, and still going on to win, is the DEFINITION of world champ difference.
  • bain
    “having experience against the team wasn’t the same as having experience against me” literally gave me chills. the best in the world, the greatest of all time, the world champ difference
  • Eden Romanov
    Wolfeys recents collabs the last year and change have seriously increased his charisma in his videos, he used to feel kinda monotone but you can feel his energy and expertise just radiating out of him now, his videos are also better edited overall it's great to see his growth and can't wait for him to reach the big 1 Milli! Great video like always Wolfey!
  • Louis Hardiman
    Whoever put together the background music should get a medal. Not only SMTV and Gravity Rush music but Ace Attorney music when Wolfe says to bring out his ace... too good 😂
  • Eolri
    The editor(?) who went through all the effort of replicating the matchups for our viewing experience is goated, even with Lycanroc having a cosmetic spooky balloon hat ):