Home Safety Hotline

Published 2023-09-08
Worried that your home might be in danger? Worried that someone is watching you? Worried that your friends and family might have been replaced by skinwalkers? Then call the Home Safety Hotline today!
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All Comments (21)
  • @cspringer20
    As someone who worked at a call center, this is extremely accurate. People calling for something we don’t do, yelling at you for something that isn’t your fault, diagnosing with bees etc.
  • @psiimoth
    Tim: “Hey can you send someone to mow my lawn?”

    Mark: “B E E S”
  • @breadbaron42
    Imagine calling the local hotline because you’ve got some weird stuff going on and you just hear Mark’s voice on the other end saying “maybe you’ve got a stair slug?”
  • @kinerealobren
    Watching Mark do the wrong diagnosis when the answers are in the details that are literally written in the descriptions with such gusto is entertaining.
  • Mark being confidently wrong in almost everything that he does, will never cease to be entertaining
  • @TheLongDreamer
    I'd like to see the full release version when it's out. I'd also like to see Mark fully read an entry.
  • @hurrsia
    Markiplier could have an entire thread on "r/ConfidentlyIncorrect" dedicated to him, its so damn funny. Never change, you beautiful bastard.
  • Markiplier: Looking directly at the answer to the problem as the guy is telling him what the issue is.
    Markiplier: "BEEES!"
  • 15:35 I love how the voice actor of Fred Pinball couldn't even contain his laughter towards the end of his line. Not sure if Mark notice but you hear him do a double take and laugh off in the distance at the end.
  • @oCloudy
    I'm actually sad this is just a demo, I wanted to see the rest of the unsettling entries to unlock. Can't wait for the full game!
  • Mark experiences the horrors of a call center, while we are exposed to the infinite frustration of his ADHD
  • @BeanyOp
    It always a joy to see mark trying to help people he’s not qualified to help 😂
  • @LiskaDe
    Tim: I need lawn care!
    Mark: a large influx of bees ought to put a stop to that!
  • @katlicks
    I kinda like this form of horror, with the world having a bunch of weird oddities that aren't outright "Murderous demonspawn", it plays up old folklore stuff like elves and gnomes.

    Also some of the humor is great. "Do not ever insult or shout at wood."
  • @tiredcritter
    i love when the voice actors can't help but chuckle doing their calls 😂
  • @cptn.penguin902
    Watching Mark try and play this without reading ANY of the descriptions sure was ... something
  • @cooldude9881
    Watching mark say the right answer then changing his mind has been the norm on this channel for years
  • @naturallynoted
    Mark: "...I don't know how I possibly couldn't have solved it; I solved it exactly!"
    Also Mark: sends in lawn care bees
  • @JoseMedina-vd2oe
    The devs should have mark do some voices for these calls. Perfect excuse to use the. “And I turned around” line haha