The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline EXPLAINED! (2023)

Published 2023-11-28
The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline EXPLAINED! (2023)
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All Comments (21)
  • @T5G
    I HOPE THIS VIDEO MAKES YOU ALL PROUD!! Support us by using Code T5G when buying the Chapter 5 Battlepass! <3
  • @bnwkr
    i am here from the future to tell you this video is indeed a banger
  • @AlzPlayz
    It’s really crazy too see a shooter game turn into a story telling cinematic game incredible
  • @PackAPuncher
    The best Fortnite video I’ve ever seen. Fantastic job done! Gets me so hyped for the future of Fortnite
  • @ShinobuAnbu
    The fact that a side game mode ended up having more lore and care put into it than the main game mode (save the world) is honestly crazy to me.
  • @calebgusto12
    the fact that epic was even able to make a narrative for a br game at all is pretty cool. can’t wait to see what saturday holds
  • @lordgameboy1303
    As unlikely as it is, I do hope that the storyline gets focused on, and ironed out a bit in the next chapter.
  • @KEV19019
    Idea: They should bring in a story mode, full fletched campaign mode, single or multiplayer, with all the cutscenes, live events to replay again, have kind of a open world, take side quests, main story quest, cutscenes etc. How about THAT?
    been waiting for this video for so long... GRAB THE POPCORN!!
  • @user-ou8ms2zu5y
    Where would we be if this man and his team didn’t explain this to us, we’d all be lost
  • Fortnite may be goofy, but when you get into the lore it gets REAL.
  • I’m really gonna miss this storyline that I’ve also followed for years and it’s sad Seeing the storyline end, but hopefully the new storyline is even better and entertaining to follow
  • @OmegaTheChosen
    As someone who hasn't really followed the story in recent years, this was really great to watch to quickly catch up to speed, just in time for today's Big Bang event! Great video, hope to see more story updates/explanations in the future :)
  • @xestential.
    I finally found it… the perfect YouTube video when you’re eating
  • @Lycan_Alchaeon
    Question, how come the MEGA season was completely omitted? It played a part as to why Stellan's Rift Gate was destroyed and revealed a new member of The Last Reality, Triarch Nox. Not only that, Optimus Prime's transmissions in WILDS was never mentioned. His final transmission is what gave Slone the idea to use Kado Thorne's time machine to send Jones to the past.
  • @SzymChud
    Truly a splendid video. As a person who was always pasionate about the lore and tried to follow it at all occasions, I find this material as a perfect refresher before Chapter 5
  • @DoctaBubba
    I bet that Ramirez would’ve played a huge role in this too, considering she has quite a number of snapshots and was also the main face for stw. Unfortunately the voice actor left years ago so that’s probably why she wasn’t in the storyline.
  • @bocaj06
    Me still not getting it 💀