Doctor Reacts To Cartoon Network Medical Scenes

Published 2023-06-04
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00:00 Dexter's Laboratory
03:33 Teen Titan's Go!
05:17 The Amazing World of Gumball
08:13 Steven Universe
09:15 Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
11:01 Powerpuff Girls
12:00 Adventure Time
13:45 Regular Show

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All Comments (21)
  • @devam8192
    The fact creators of Gumball created proper organs and digestive-systems for ice-cream cones and balloons for just one episode is NUTS!
  • @morgan.hasara
    As a mental health professional, I LOVE that snippet of Steven Universe! A show actually stating facts!!😍🤩😍
  • @Crazy10153
    Steven Universe can be both, impressive to watch and relaxing to watch. Despite its accurate medical scenes, it also talks more about mental health and controlling relationships.
  • @Desert-Dweller
    My son caught chicken pox when he was 3. He passed it me, i was 27. Honestly i felt just like an evil contaminated chicken. Very accurate cartoon. 👍🏼
  • "Why is this so good and so accurate?!" I have a feeling mike should definitely watch steven universe and experience how amazing and at times mature it is😁
  • @tawogtrailers
    Thank you for covering The Amazing World of Gumball. One of animation's greatest with regards to the multiple mediums and styles they work with.
  • @aliciab33
    "Still more medically accurate than Grey's Anatomy" should be a common meme
  • @Juneau04
    The way he brings out this entire plethora of medical knowledge of every part of the human body is so mind-boggling to me. Like I know he's a seasoned doctor but still. HOW does he store all this knowledge. It's fascinating to see their minds work.
  • @IceePhoenix
    I loved Steven Universe Future, it was one of the first steps towards me actually getting help in therapy because I could relate to Steven a lot and the show helped me open up and talk about that and how it was affecting me. Glad to see it getting some praise!
  • No matter how smart Dexter is he’s still a kid and is very gullible when his sister makes jokes
  • @Wawagirl17
    Adventure Time is the only one of these shows I've ever seen in context, and Doctor Mike's scandalized reaction to Doctor Princess revealing she's a fake cracked me up so much.
  • Dexter: Spends the rest of his life researching in his lab.

    Also Dexter: Doesn’t know anything about chicken pox.
  • @selimiscool2267
    Steven Universe tends to focus on more deep subjects like Abandonment, Racism, Homophobia, and Depression. So it’s not surprising that Steven Universe got so medically accurate.
  • @jaclyncrawford
    I think the thing that gets me so hyped about food courts is that the whole gang has options. You don't have to decide on one type of food. Everyone can get what they want and still enjoy a meal together. ❤
  • @Stick_and_stone
    8:28 Mike, Steven universe is very much about mental wellbeing, teaching how to deal with stressful situations and that communication helps a lot.
    This is pretty normal for SU.
  • @maingch
    Steven Universe was a great show to me. I really enjoyed it and how deep it was. I was really not expecting SUF though, it got rlly deep and I was very surprised this was in a CN show
  • @queenofpups
    Love that Doctor Mike is experiencing the greatness that is Steven Universe
  • @Fallen_Echo1122
    This is why I love Steven Universe so much! It is such a fantastic show! Other than the comedy and the drama and the happy and emotional scenes, the show also talks about serious topics like this and other things like abandonment, betrayal, war and the impact of war, burdens that are hard to escape from, and lots of trauma. The fact that this show can be both entertaining and serious at the same time is just amazing. This is my favorite show and it always will be.
  • @real_lampcap
    Dr. Mike being surprised by the deep talk in Steven Universe is so funny to me idk why lol