John Bolton discusses the Jan. 6 hearings and Trump's future

Published 2022-07-01
John Bolton, former United Nations ambassador and White House national security advisor, spoke exclusively to CBS News' Catherine Herridge about the Jan. 6 hearings, Rep. Liz Cheney's future and whether former President Donald Trump will run again in 2024.

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All Comments (21)
  • Matthew Millburg
    you know that times are crazy when Bolton is a voice of reason
  • Ben Bohannon
    Bolton: Didn’t testify when the country needed him.
    Bolton: “Yes, I think Cipollone should testify”
  • This is the 1st time I've EVER heard Bolton sit down and act sensible, tell the truth, and I've been observing him for decades. He's a terrible person. So, this is his attempt at a rehabilitation tour that was mounted entirely too late to save his ruined reputation. He decided to ignore the Impeachment proceedings where he could have served his Country honorably, for the 1st time in his checkered career; but, in the end, he decided a book deal was more important than his Country. He'll always be a traitor.
  • Peter Sedesse
    Bolton telling someone else to testify is as hypocritical as you can get.
  • Jay Breese
    Bolton's book was more important than the state of our union
  • Scott Baxendale
    Bolton trying to minimize his accountability is hilarious.
  • Doug
    Bolton "Personally I would have preferred a joint house senate 50/50 rep democracy com to go into this." Yes, we all would. The problem was Reps didn't want to get to the bottom of J6, because 1. it implicated them. 2.After agreeing to have a joint committee they pulled out when Dems rejected their candidates because they were potentially involved in the plot themselves. (Jordan was inquiring about a preemptive pres. pardon, if he did nothing wrong why was he so interested?) Kind of a non starter. Instead of trying to appoint other members, Reps. pretended to throw a fit, refused to submit other potential candidates, took their ball and went home. But hey, the J6 committee has invited anyone who might have pertinent info to voluntarily come forward and share their testimony UNDER OATH. But when Reps do testify only further incriminates the party and Trump more. 

    So since Reps won't hold their own accountable, they refuse to respond to lawful Congressional subpoenas, plead the fifth, or exec privilege. I'm perfectly fine watching the J6 committee reveal Bolton's party for the traitors that they are.
  • Larry Hankamer
    Republicans chose not to participate in the committee hearings except for Kinzinger and Cheney. Now to complain they aren't included is BS.
  • LR Vogt
    If Bolton had spoken up during the impeachment instead of holding out for cash this may not have happened.
  • Mahaffey
    If you had a 50/50 Panel on the committee, the trumplican side would just use all of their time on the mic to get sound bytes. Also, not very many Republicans left with the courage to stand-up to trump
  • Terry A Moore
    Trump should testify himself live on prime time. It would be the highest ratings ever lol.
  • Joann Anderson
    this is an insult. John Bolton rather sell books than save this country. He kept quiet when it mattered the most. He shouldn't be given any room to speak. IJS. Peace and Blessings.
  • David S.
    That's hilarious, John Bolton saying that someone should testify
  • Joda Jackson
    Bolton advising someone to testify,…..the irony is off the charts.
  • Kendall Houlder
    John “the case is as strong as it looks “because there’s no obstructionist like Jim Jordan there yelling and screaming every time a witness reveals something new !!! The facts are laid bare for the World to see without constant interruptions from the person’s asking the Question and letting the witnesses speak freely
  • steve h
    Where was he during the impeachments? Oh right, he wanted a book deal
  • J Smith
    "I think it was a mistake to think Trump was a threat to democracy because I don't think he's smart enough to be." Yikes. I mean, I entirely disagree here because you don't have to be smart to be a threat to democracy when you are the sitting commander in chief surrounded by sycophantic elected officials ready to do your bidding. But still, that one had to sting for TFG.
  • Russell Newton
    Here he is, the guy that would rather sell a book than serve his country, Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce John Bolton.
  • insAneTunA
    The fact that this man is able to sleep at night proves without a doubt that this man, John Bolton, is one of the darkest, most sinister, soulless people on earth. This man has blood on his hands. And the people in Europe will never forget that he refused to give air support in former Yugoslavia.