The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 2

Published 2023-05-23

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  • @that0neDev
    It's nice seeing Mark being actually scared by FNaF again. Even if it's not an official game, it's still really nice to see.
  • @hammer_bro233
    I love imagining a guy in a security guard suit spinning around frantically in his chair muttering and yelling to himself and occasionally booping the bobbleheads on his desk.
  • @Lilysrandomshit
    I’ve been desensitized by FNAF scares, but this one actually made me jump. It feels exactly like fnaf 1, which I think is arguably one of the scarier ones. Feels better being scared with Mark rather than alone
  • @Taha632RMF
    William begins to sound more aggresive in his calls as the nights go by. Maybe hes just tired of henry constantly lecturing him about safety lol
  • @ajzgaming552
    Every time mark looks behind him to check the prize counter I think he’s checking in a pocket dimension between his legs and he’s looking straight down
  • @FSRiko
    16:19 First horror lets play jumpscare that actually made me drop my phone. Incredible LOL
  • @vicvossv
    damn this fangame is great, I don't think I've been able to feel this much anxiety seeing Mark playing fnaf in ages
  • Sometimes I forget that FNaF related stuff is so scary to Mark because it's his fear of mannequins and animatronics. Yet, the franchise is one of the reasons why he's so well known. It's basically a curse to continue for him lol
  • @delta9685
    Man gotta give props to the creators for using the Half-Life 1 grunt voicelines for the animatronics. That's a genius idea since they do sound very robotic.
  • I really love this sort of limited animation that the creators used in this, it makes everything really snappy and genuinely makes it more freaky with the scares.
  • @derekdrake8706
    Imagine how different things would've been if Henry had nagged less and just offered to buy the man a beer like a real friend.
  • The fact that there is so many scary animations before the jumpscare, some without even a warning of what you will see, it creates a really terrifying atmosphere, and I'm here for it, really show the difference between doing a game for the money and doing it for love, props to the devs ✨️💪
  • @user-un7sh3ph2m
    It's really cool to see Mark's fnaf muscle memory kicking in with this one. I could never keep up that fast
  • it’s nice to see the KING of Five Nights at Freddy’s continue to play fan and normal fnaf games still. it’s super enjoyable
  • @softbrewed
    this is actually a genuinely scary fnaf game. like arguably better than the oringinals
  • @jota2209
    Copt paste for me, but you can use it.

    6:27 - left door - Fredbear
    6:47 - left door - Freddy
    7:23 - left door - Freddy

    12:15 -- right door -- Spring Bonnie
    13:10 -- left door -- Fredbear
    13:13 -- right door -- Spring Bonnie
    13:22 -- left door -- brief glimpse of Freddy
    13:26 -- left door -- Fredbear
    14:11 -- left door -- Freddy
    14:17 -- Bonnie knocks on the right door
    15:12 -- left door -- Freddy
    15:24 -- left door -- brief glimpse of Freddy
    16:16 -- glitch -- screen flashes briefly
    16:17 -- death -- Bonnie jumpscare (extremely loud)

    18:23 -- left door -- Freddy
    19:06 -- left door -- Fredbear
    19:11 -- Bonnie knocks on the right door
    19:21 -- left door -- Freddy
    19:33 -- left door -- brief glimpse of Freddy
    20:40 -- left door -- brief glimpse of Freddy
    21:49 -- left door -- Fredbear
    22:36 -- Bonnie knocks on the right door
    22:54 -- left door -- brief glimpse of Freddy
    23:02 -- left door -- brief glimpse of Freddy
    23:32 -- left door -- Fredbear
  • @jociiie8694
    I've watched mark play multiple fnaf fan games, but this one is definitely one of my favorites! The jumpscare at 6:26 literally made me physically jump and my hands went limp and I dropped my phone😂🤣 then I just burst out laughing at myself lol
  • @aimbotarrow5981
    The timing on that “new bunny one” and Bonnie immediately pulling a Peak-Me-Boo has a striking resemblance to how Foxy could pull up during the phone call in FNAF 1
  • markiplier is that type of person who always gets scared playing horror games yet can't stop playing.
  • @no-uw2su
    imagine being one of the animatronics walking down a hallway to kill the night guard, only to hear faintly “DEATH COMES FOR US ALL!”