i found out why i am pretty

Published 2022-07-16
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All Comments (21)
  • Why Sta
    The way the mother looks a lot prettier in a maid outfit than mrs Branson in expensive outfits is not shocking
  • BellaCrash
    FUN FACT: The story is amazing when its this artstyle
  • We all loved that part where her mom explained to her daughter why she was so pretty
  • Just_Zay
    Lowkey fell sad for anrika he seemed like a nice and funny guy pretty sure he’s better for steller
  • Tj Johnson
    “And WHY had he turned out so fine” had me dying lmao 🤣
  • •_Chxco_•
    I love how it ends but I feel bad for the guy who has a crush for Stellar and even try asking her out on a date with the funniest, weird, and stupid ways ever
  • Eden B
    “She gave us silver utensils, it was traumatizing!”
    That made me want to scream thinking about all the people with actual ptsd
  • Vidushee Jain
    Saw some familiar faces in the video and here they are:

    0:12 Isabel in the left corner as a cheerleader from
    "I Win Everything"

    8:36 The same view Sasha and Damon saw from
    "No one knew I was a famous singer"

    13:45 Samuel as driver
    "I got 20 million followers on tiktok, and now my parents abandoned me"

    14:18 Sam as a waitress from
    "I Want To Be Free"

    14:37 Blair as Dr. Blair in a background poster on the right
    "My Experience Being In The Wealthiest School In Korea"

    14:40 Amanda and Ross in the background
    "I had 7 days to make a boy fall in love with me"

    14:53 and 15:52 Janie as a nurse in the background
    "My "Perfect Life" when my sister was born"

    Thank you so much for reaching till here
  • Just Elvisv
    the graphics
    the art
    and the story line
    i love all of them😘
    this is gonna be my favourite channel Omg!!!!
  • adin
    Literally every story in this channel: bully becomes lover - cheats on the girl - girl becomes really successful - meets each other after years - the boy explains that he had to betray her for her own good - gets back into the relationship - happy life ever after
  • chloe
    I LOVE THIS EPISODE!! the animation is so smooth and the little side effects!! so cute!!
  • Blurry Vision
    When I saw Julian and heard that he used to bully Stellar, I immediately knew he was gonna be the love of her life 😂😂
  • Whym3
    After watching this 3 times at 15:58 when we find out Julian was in a car accident it shows how much he was upset that he’d messed up with Stellar as he said before that racing takes his mind off things and well he had a heavy heart those past days
  • Siimply_Naomi
    Stellar : doesn’t try to be pretty but still is pretty

    Candace : uses thousands of dollars to be pretty but failed
  • At this rate y’all should make a whole series. Your stories are so interesting and this art style makes them even better!!
  • Rudylyn Jimeno
    Not having a part 2 should be illegal, I'm about to cry now. I'm really into this story.
  • SkylerTheBlue
    Candace: She made us feel POoR for a second mom, it was TRAMATIZING!
    Me: eating with plastic utensils “EXcusE mE?!”