Inside LaMelo Ball's $10.1 Million Mansion

Published 2021-04-06
In today's video will be giving you a tour of LaMelo Ball's new mansion.



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  • escasheep97
    Think what you want about the Ball brothers. Their dad prepared those boys for the future before they could even see it. Major props for the family 👏🏽
  • Just think, some people didn’t think Melo would make it. The amount of hate & doubt this young man received was insane, but he proved everyone wrong. All he needs to do is surround himself with good people,stay out of trouble, & watch his money pile up! 👊🏽💯
  • TheDistrict644
    Keep on keepin on Melo. Your dedication to the game makes me proud. Best of luck with your career and we look forward to watching you play many seasons.
  • 2Glock30s
    That place is too big for a single person. But he earned it, good for him.
  • Mpho Mmopi
    Look like his dad did a great job and got his kids Rich before entering the NBA
  • Eric Van Gogh
    Super happy for the BBB gang and family! Been rooting for them since day 1. Love the intentions behind the video and the love for the Ball family but gotta get your some of your facts right.

    1. Shows a video of LiAngelo Ball when talking about Lonzo.
    2. He didn't buy his dogs to be security of his estate, either Lavar or Zo purchased them YEARS ago before he was in the league.
    3. He didn't get accepted to purchase the Hawks. The NBL passed on him.
  • Della Simmons
    I'm glad M.J. is mentoring day Melo will b the next NBA Billionaire 💁🤗
  • The Truth
    These are really good kids, well deserved👏🏻
  • LA Don
    MAN... The Kid's doing big things!! Shout out to melo I'm tuned in! And shoutout to Lavar for his involvement in getting his 2 sons to the NBA. Lavar might jaw a lot, might get on ya nerves but u gotta admit he did a great job raising his.
  • Love the kid's game and personality! It's his money so he can spend it any way he likes, however, it would be nice to hear of some well-thought-out charitable contributions!
    Dope! I’m glad he brought a team. At least he’s an owner already of his own franchise. Congrats!
  • Crypto🏧Walk
    I sure hope he continues to play well. He’ll be needed by his hometown Lakers when his contract expires.🤣😝🤣
  • Rick Bahnson
    My husband and I love Ball. He is totally amazing and so fun to watch. His teammates love him and he has brought so much to the Hornets. He is such a selfless player. We have never enjoyed the team this much. I figure when you are boy #3 in a basketball family, you are “playing UP” every day. And that makes for some crazy moves. And he is only 20 years old. What will he be like at 25 years.? I just pray he stays with the Hornets. We love you Melo. Go team!
  • Yondu RL
    It’s not hard to believe he didn’t spend his nba contract when his puma contract is 100 mil
  • Karim Bennett
    He better have a guest room in there for Gelo. Melo got so good playing against Gelo all his life. He owe Gelo.
  • KJ
    He is the definition of Big Baller
  • Sequra A
    I can’t believe people are actually trying to tell this man how to spend HIS money!!! 🤣🤣