F-4 PHANTOM COMBAT EJECTION over Vietnam and spent SIX years as a POW | Ronald J. Webb

Published 2023-05-30
Ronald J. Webb was commissioned a 2d Lt in the U.S. Air Force on January 22, 1960, through the Air Force ROTC program while he attended Indiana University. He would serve five years in the Air Force as a navigator, before an opportunity allowed him to earn his pilot wings in June 1966.

Webb served as an F-4 pilot with the 390th Tactical Fighter Squadron at DaNang AB, South Vietnam beginning in March 1967. On his 44th mission over Vietnam, Webb was involved in a freak mid-air collision and was forced to eject over North Vietnam.

On June 11, 1967 Webb was taken as a Prisoner of war and would spend the next 2,094 days in captivity. For nearly six years he would survive interrogations, physical abuse, and malnutrition at Hỏa Lò Prison, known to American POWs as the "Hanoi Hilton".

Major Webb would finally be released during Operation Homecoming on March 4, 1973.

Interview recorded on April 26, 2023

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All Comments (21)
  • @jkon3134
    I grew up living across the street from Col. Webb. Guy was a great man and class act. Gave me a T-shirt from when he got in a bar fight with a bunch of Marines. Still had dried up blood on it. I ended up serving in the Corp and the shirt meant that much more. Always enjoyed sitting with him when our family went for dinner and listening to his stories. Fascinating stories about the true experiences of POWs. True hero that deserves the MOH.
  • @AustinBoil
    I did two tours in Vietnam (67-68-69) so was there when he was prisoner. It was an honor to serve & it made me a better man. Col Webb is a true American hero, thank you for your unyielding service to our country!
  • @Mike_Norris
    It's astounding to think that Alvarez, still alive at 85...spent 10% of his entire life as a POW. For any of these men, that must be a huge burden that probably never goes away.
  • @jf4313
    “He never called me this” ……”Jesus Christ eject!” Excellent subtle joke you can see a brief pause as he resists the urge to smile at his own joke. What a hero thank you for your story but especially thank you for your service sir.
  • @Allyourbase1990
    When I was a Marine , I always prayed I was never taken as any kind of POW. These older Vietnam guys are hardcore
  • @michaelnoller3441
    Amazing story. I grew up around those guys. My Dad was a F-4 pilot. Retired in 1974. Some of his friends and acquaintances, were in that group. Quiet strength, is what I call it. No brag or B.S. just tough as can be.
  • @scifyry
    What these guys lived through is beyond me. I served for 6 years (USMC) and I couldn't imagine being a POW during that whole period of time.
  • @BlueWaterSTAX
    Thanks for your service Lt.Webb. God Bless The American Veterans Center and all our Veterans
  • @MarioBudz
    Thank you Mr Webb. You are a hero! 🇺🇸
  • @mcintoshdev
    Wow, what a GREAT American Hero! My next door neighbor in the mid seventies until I went in Navy in 1982 was LTCDR William Tschudy. He was at the Hanoi Hilton for 6 years and talked about the tap code. He flew A-6A Intruders as a BN with the Sunday Punchers. These heros always amaze me. Thanks for your Service Col. Webb!
  • @Mikedadof2
    I'm a webb too sir,from New Zealand 🇳🇿 thank you for your service
  • Nobody paid the price like you pows except for the ones that paid the ultimate price. Your stories make me grateful that I've never had to suffer such hardships. I hate y'all had to go through it, but I'm glad y'all made it home! Thank you so much! God Bless America!🙏🏻❤️
  • @thomasplaisted3579
    What a great interview. I was fortunate! I am a Vietnam era vet. I was in the Air Force from 1964 until 1968. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath with the 1979th Communications Squadron as a Ground Radio Operator. How i missed Vietnam is a mystery to me. Thank you for your service Col. Webb.
  • @anlerden4851
    Thank You so much for your service and your lovely dedications to Our Beautiful America Dear American Sir.🥰😍🤗🙏❤🤍💙💪👍
  • @skimmer8774
    I'm lucky I've never had to do a live eject. I retired USAF after 23 years 02 Lt. I'm a hog pilot myself but I have so much respect for you. Thank you for all you have done.
  • @stevebarzee7340
    I also grew up as the son of a USAF pilot during that era. They were all heroes.
  • @olivias.3071
    The Memorial Day weekend gives us a chance to express our gratitude. Thank you ALL for your service and sacrifice. God bless those souls who are no longer with us, and keep our heroes that managed to survive well and happy
  • @titaniumman_22
    Thanks for your service Mr Webb. What a great story to relay to us of your sacrifice, you are truly blessed! 🇺🇸