Rich Homie Quan - Risk Takers (Official Music Video)

Published 2022-09-21

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  • deyfw daniel
    I just want to see rich homie quan make the biggest comeback 🔥🐐🤞🏿we still here
  • Rich Homie is elevating lyrically and song selection wise. Keep going Quan. I wish you a second round of success, brother.
  • GetYourGameOn
    He gonna take Thugs spot..This shit gonna be epic for him..I’m supper happy to see that he started off on a good foot..I can see him being like a Drake of Rap,Big like Durk but more radio friendly if he wants to..anything he makes gonna sound good and he gonna get paid for all of it…Everyone just gotta share and like this shit..Spread the music..I wanna see an artist that I like as the person they come across as..I wanna see Good people win
  • Kitty Lillian
    Rich Homie Quan go in soo hard on this right here! He aint like all them trappers and oppas who just be usin dat AUTHENTIC VIEWS dawwwt caaawwm jawwwn to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH seem like anyone can glow up these days...
  • KARS 215
    Hearing Quan’s voice takes me back to a very good time in my life 2014. I definitely want to see him win again.
  • I never stopped listening to Rich Homie 💪🏾 happy to see bruh climbing back to the top .. he never sold his soul like these fake rappers out here 🗣️
  • It took him a lot of pain, blood, sweat and tears to get where he is❤️🔥we hear you QUAN.
  • DezzyDayy
    I can appreciate how true RHQ has stayed to himself over there years 🙏🏾✍🏾
  • This what we needed a QUAN TAKEOVER in 2022-2023 🐐🔥 this other music and other artist ain't it. Happy to see you back and grinding!! This crazy like old school quan vibes !!!!
  • Josh Douglas
    Biggest come back of the century… yes I’m calling it a comeback 💪🏾
  • Rich homie is ready to be back on top! Alot of blood , sweat and tears to get back to where he is now and I feel everything he is saying! He's about to have the biggest comeback in hiphop!
  • Cornelius B
    He promise us he'll never stop going in and it's facts 💯
  • 🥶🔥 this finna hit a Mill
    Rich Homie keep striving for greatness My G🏆
  • nick nlmb
    I just glad to see he is still dropping 🔥🔥.when I hear rich homie it brings me back to some good times!! 🎯
  • Reese High
    I swear this what we been waiting Quan! WE ROOTING FOR YOU IN ALABAMA! KEEP IT COMING FAM!!!
  • Lul Kedric
    His flow will always be undefeated 🔥
  • Austin Emerson
    I really feel like quan can get back on top, I still listen to Rich Homie every day🖤💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
  • daniel hampton
    He's one of my favorite artists mix tapes was on repeat while I was down the road on lockdown