Jimin of BTS 'Set Me Free Pt 2' Official MV REACTION

Published 2023-03-17
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  • @nidhigupta5671
    I really felt very good when I heard jimin not use his angelic voice in this song , I really loved how he used his voice uniquely in this song . Massive respect
  • @umarsaiya7750
    Jimin voice layers finally got recognation. He is not only high notes, out of box this man vocal range and tone are incredible
  • @sunshine-kb5su
    Jimin is simply a genius.
    When he says "I won't stop even if they mock me", you can see the dancers pointing at him, judging him, referring to how people perceive him and the narratives they constantly impose or project on him and him basically saying no matter what you say, I'll keep shining.

    "Fly away, butterfly
    Finally free"
    He is ready to fly. The butterfly lyric mirrored in this effortlessly smooth and sexy move and the fact that he is flanked by two female dancers here just accentuates his appeal.

    He is lifted up by the throng and here people have noted the parallels to Lie and it is calming to think that Set Me Free Pt 2 resolves and brings closure to the emotions that inspired that song.

    In an interview Jimin explained: "I tried to express the grand scale of the song and [the ideas of] determination, passion, and overcoming. “Set me free” means setting myself free, so I thought it was important that I be the one to set myself free — not someone else. In the end, I’m the one who has to set myself free.

    I would say the song has the energy of a light in the darkness. I wanted to express that kind of picture everyone has in their head — a ray of light coming into the darkness is the only thing you can see. If I had to say specific colors, I’d say black and white."

    Jimin is a true artist in every sense of the word. The birth of the King!
  • @sweetgf.16
    I still have chills all over my body with this MV. The way he was looking at the camera with those siren eyes, the way he walk away, the way he said "yeah" and "set me freeeeee" felt like heaven, the concept, the color, the sound, the beat, everything in this MV smell BOP 🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜 I love him so much. He proved again by this MV why he is my bias since the beginning. He literally biased me again. He does every single day 💜💜💜
  • @jijicams
    let's go, jimin slayed as always
  • @user-po4mg8vd6g
    Такая потрясающая песня, мелодия и голос Чимина просто зачаровывает, ааааа
  • @cassiedelasoul
    he came for everyone’s throats. the cinematography, choreography, vocals, visuals, lyrics.. he left no crumbs! anyone else reminded of agust d’s the last? vibes for days.
  • @Angel-qw8qh
    언제나 감동과 사랑과 예술인 지민이~😭😭😭
  • @noirmvs15
    Goosebumps on just his first line alone…and the tone!!! The language😂😂😂Hwaiting!!! Grimy!! Gritty!!! Jimin never fails to surprise us every time. Love this masterpiece!!!
  • @SoYaSick
    Мне нравится что здесь есть комментарии с разных стран, вхпхвха. Чимин шикарен, он показал то, что хотел сделать)
  • Jimin's voice and the melody of the song play with my feelings. I feel so much tears and sadness and a wild desire to scream and so much relief as if he's taking me somewhere. I loved how Jimin fights for himself and how he finally takes his freedom.
  • @user-qm9xu2il3o
    😂 Оооооо даааа, это грандиозно, великолепно ,ошеломляюще, вау, вау, вау, круто!! Рэп Чимина вообще потрясающий! Любим тебя и всегда и везде будем поддерживать! 🔥💜
  • @nneichan9353
    Crazy collab I'd love to see would be Jimin, Jackson, Taemin. Absolute fire.
    This song is so different. Set Me Free indeed. Go Jimin.
  • @mpundee2442
    Streaming continuously yet JIMIN makes me go crazyyyy..This is Masterpiece 🔥
  • Jimin has come to set the industry ablaze in all his glory. Invincible single star. It can never be imitated❤❤❤❤
  • Jimin nos a demostrado el trabajo duro, sudor y lagrimas con esfuerzo todo se puedo es una Obra de Arte FELICIDADES jimin Argentina te saluda
  • @lotaga
    killing us with vocals, dance, visualsface-red-heart-shape
  • @menamohamed6077
    He is literally ended kpop and us
    Song of the year
    Artist of the year
    Album of the year
    Performances of the year
    To the one and only park jimin 👑
  • @videovice3353
    Jimin really did a magnificent job on this one loved every second of it ❤❤