Patrick Duffy | The Complete Pioneers of Television Interview

Published 2022-03-19
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Patrick Duffy retells his iconic career and memorable moments from the hit show "Dallas".

Director: Steven J Boettcher

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All Comments (10)
  • Brian Bozo
    Quiet a sophisticated and eloquent man. How many actors achieve this level of complex understanding of what it is to be a master of his craft.
  • Julie Watkins
    I Love Patrick Duffy he is a gentleman and gorgeous with it and of course a great actor 🧡💙💚❤️💖😄👍
  • Mary Docherty
    So great just watching and listening 2 Patrick all by himself and as handsome as alway, s C U in Glasgow Patrick 2022 ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙👌👍😊😊😊💖
  • thanksfernuthin
    I'm here for "Man From Atlantis". I'm pretty disappointed as you can imagine. I loved that show.
  • Roony Ward
    Funny early on he mentions all the cast by name apart from Victoria. Sad!