Doctor Reacts To Medical TikToks That Can’t Be Real

Published 2024-04-17
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  • @AhmedLovesBread
    Hey it’s me! The Ferrero Rocher guy 😅😅 a bunch of my friends were texting me today like “OMG YOU’RE ON Dr. Mike!!” What a great day 😂 thanks for the shoutout! My friends think I’m cool now
  • @slimyboixd
    "Pain is just an illusion." Proceeds to display exactly why pain is an evolutionary advantage.
  • @kareemharby_
    Hey it's me the guy that said to eat Uranium! (Don't actually do this but still no excuses!) I appreciate the laughs!
  • "The IQ does not grow with the views" is a line that goes unnecessarily hard lol Edit: time-stamp 13:32
  • @Oltrya
    "highly estrogenated urine" is such a wild combination of words
  • @jenkinseric2
    The less you know about a problem the easier it is to find a solution. Complex problems require complex solutions.
  • @yianniss9491
    I cannot express enough the respect i have for this mans patience like seriously
  • @katiemower5612
    I worked in a sewage plant. It's given me a winning"worst job" story. Estrogen is the least of our problems. Filtering out all of the drugs, needles, condoms, tampons, and trash were much higher concerns.
  • 4:07 barefoot style shoes are a real thing - it lets your toes spread out and doesn't have extra heel padding padding, which combine to allow a more natural load balance compared to the padded heels of popular running shoes and the like, But they're barefoot style SHOES, and as such have a sole to protect your feet from the ground and the many hazards there (pointy rocks/sticks/etc, hot pavement, slippery floors, dog/bird poop, funguses, etc) - the shoe is just shaped differently and the sole is flat and fairly thin. These shoes are actually quite good for your hips/knees/ankles as they let your legs relax more into the strides, and for your feet they will thicken your calluses, strengthen your fascia, improve your pedal dexterity, and overall increase your balance capabilities, but there are some downsides as well - the reduced padding means more impact stress which effects both your heel bone and your shock absorption systems in your knees and hips, more foot soreness, and the lack of arch support can cause increased symptoms in people that already have foot/leg problems (such as plantar fasciitis or bursitis)
  • @Sh0rtc1rcut456
    “What’s your zodiac sign…cancer…well speaking of” Got me dying laughing 💀💀😭😭 I’m on a bus
  • @ashhaz2180
    I almost passed out from laughing at that estrogen guy😂. He doesn't need to go to medical school he needs to retake elementary school Earth science
  • @meghaffer
    This is why I don't get my health advice from social media. Even when someone is saying technically correct information, how it may or may not apply to my body is still something that I'd rather consult a doctor about because they'll have more info about my specific situation. And so many of these people are giving outright false information. In the olden days before the Internet, I was taught not to believe everything I read. People seem to want to believe everything they see on social media and need to put their thinking caps on and start looking at it more critically
  • As a trumpet player, this now makes so much sense why my directors were constantly yelling to keep the cheeks in when I was first learning. I’m thankful they did!
  • That birth control one is terrifying. In a post Roe country people are now trying to advocate the banning of birth control when it’s used for so much more than just preventing pregnancies and it should be fine to use it for just preventing pregnancies. Let people choose what they want to do to their bodies it literally doesn’t harm anyone else.
  • @I_is_this_1
    4:19 the funny thing about this trumpet player is that he was self taught, and no one told him that his cheeks were not supposed to be blown out. We are taught to pull back our lip corners and not have our cheeks blown out for embosser(I don’t know how to spell it)and simply not to mess up our cheeks like that. Funny story. His trumpet is messed up because his friend sat on it, after that, he got all of his trumpets to be made like that. I learned about him in class but forgot his name. Also, my dad said those weird head thingy that cartoon characters wear are there to reflect light onto what they’re doing because doctors didn’t have flashlights back in the day.
  • @Lazarus_G
    Dr Mike! Keep up the good fight! We need people like you to continue fighting mis/disinformation. If anything, it at least comforts me to know that not everyone is dumb or lying.