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Published 2021-08-21
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If you’re looking for tips on how to learn faster and boost productivity, you’ve come to the right place 🔥. In this video, Jim Kwik explains six tips on how to learn faster and how to use the “FAST” technique as part of your daily brain training regimen. Jim Kwik is one of the world's most famous brain training coaches who shows you how to tap into your very own mind power 🌟.

This video with Jim Kwik is so much more than just about productivity tips. It’s about working with your brain waves and treating them like your very own superpower 🧙‍♀️. You’ll understand why all learning is state-dependent, the importance of learning how to learn fast, the dangers of Digital Overload, Digital Destruction, and Digital Dementia, how modern people are losing simple memorization capabilities, and 6 Quick tips of fast learning, including the “FAST” technique. If you want to learn even more, check out the link in the first paragraph ☝.

About Jim Kwik:

✅Before Jim Kwik was recognized as one of the foremost experts in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning — And a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations like Virgin, Nike, Zappos, NYU, GE, Fox Studios, Harvard, and Singularity University — Jim was known as “the boy with the broken brain.”

✅At the age of five, Jim suffered a head injury that left him with severe learning challenges, and as a result, he would struggle throughout his schooling years. He read considerably slower. He absorbed and understood less. And learning anything new was an uphill battle.

✅Hoping to compensate for these challenges, Jim double-downed his efforts in college in hopes of staying on par with his peers. But spending hours in the library single-mindedly focused on his studies came at a cost. He hardly ate. He hardly slept. And in a dangerously weakened state, weighing only 117 pounds, Jim passed out, falling down a flight of stairs, and once again, sustained further head injuries.

✅Jim woke up in the hospital two full days later. But during his recovery in the hospital, he had the one epiphany that changed the entire trajectory of his life. It occurred to him that his entire education revolved around being taught what to learn — Math, science, geography, Spanish — But never once was he taught how to learn.

✅This single thought became his obsession. As Jim began to unravel how the human brain really works, he developed strategies to enhance his mental performance dramatically. And as he saw more success, he began teaching his newfound techniques to his fellow students, which would later become his life’s mission.

✅For the last 25+ years, Jim has dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

About the Masterclass “Become a Super Learner”:

What You’ll Learn

1- The big lie we were told about our brains: Discover why most people only ever use a fraction of their cognitive capacity and how you can unlock the full potential of your brain with 10 simple hacks.

2- Want to get a competitive edge in your industry? Learning this ONE skill will instantly put you ahead of everyone else — especially when most people are drowning in “information overload.”

3- Rapidly clear your “mental fog” with these 10 delicious brain foods: Automatically enhance your focus, decision-making ability, and clarity of mind.

4- Prime your brain for optimum performance with the perfect morning routine: Not only will you double your cognitive ability, but you’ll also feel more positive, energetic, and driven to start your day.

5- Try this unconventional 5-minute brain exercise: Discover how brushing your teeth will activate the untapped areas of your brain for more cognitive capacity and brain growth.

6- Ditch the heavily caffeinated, sugar-loaded Starbucks drink for a natural “brain tea”: Get the same mental boost you get from coffee, without the energy crash afterward.

7- Do you feel embarrassed when you say, “I forgot...”? Learn a powerful memorization technique, so you never miss another anniversary or meeting. This even lets you deliver a perfect speech without notes.

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  • 0:54 The Art of Attention
    1:25 1. Show Up 1:49 2. Play Full Out
    2:26 Why do children learn quickly?
    • Don’t know • curious • have time • not limited • less fear
    3:33 State of Being
    • Information + Emotion = Long-Term Memory 4:18 Biological Superbrain
    4:45 “All Learning is State-Dependent.”
    0 = Boredom = Not learning
    7:18 The name Kwik
    7:54 How do you get things done in digital distraction?

    8:30 Sharpen The Saw before Cutting The Wood 🪵
    9:07 Playing More creates Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity
    • Creativity • Connection

    10:47 5 Year Old w/disabilities
    11:41 SuperHero
    14:29 Ironman, Spider-Man
    Power. Responsibility, Freedom
    16:16 Moving body, novelty and nutrition

    17:00 Peace Love Gratitude Joy Compassion
    17:47 Spreading Joy

    Learning Faster languages, computer science
    Knowledge is Power and Profit
    1. Be(lieve) Fast
    20:39 Thermometer vs Thermostat [Observation vs Response]
    23:09 Imagine success
    26:06 Did you work harder the 2nd time?
    26:34 Memory
    • Making Processes out of Characteristics
    28:33 If you program yourself to not do something, you won’t do it.
    30:00 Phone Number Memory

    Information Doubling &
    Digital Dimension [Convenience put above strong memory]

    32:07 Alpha - unfiltered access
    35:56 You are the Expert on You

    36:40 Remembering a string of (random) numbers
    40:35 Expressing what is possible
    42:10 The Great Waiter
    43:16 Reading the numbers backwards
    44:47 117 Lbs, “The same level of thinking that’s created the problem won’t solve the problem.”
    “There is no learning without remembering.”

    47:35 FAST
    • Forget [tune out distraction]
    • Active [learning is not a spectator sport]
    • State _all learning is State- dependent, associative]
    • Teach [learn with the intention of teaching to someone else]

    50:44 Inner-Child Genius

    54:47 “Thank you for sharing your superpowers with us.”
    55:39 Day’s Of Future Past
  • I’m literally in tears right now. The whole presentation was mind blowing and full of valuable, amazing, eye/opening , life transforming information but the last 25 minutes truly spoke to my heart and mind. I didn’t start to write down what I’d tell my younger self though I have thought about that often but the second part, that was something I’d never thought of and initially thought, that’s a bit hard to wrap my head around, but only seconds later, the message became so clear and so emotional that the paper I was writing it on is soaked in tears. My message . “Don’t “TRY”, struggle so hard to be better than who you are or believe you are. It’s making you less kind and more stressed. Stop trying to make up for yesterday and using so much effort looking back at all the ways things could have been different if you’d known what you do now. Living in regret, full of dwelling on all the loss is causing you to lose the present, what beauty and opportunity there is in each moment of each day. You can’t keep living in the past, rehashing it because your sadness, fear, anxiety anger, and stress is ruining every moment of beauty right in front of you. Don’t lose what you do have, in every moment of every day. Don’t miss it! Soak it all in, the little things of each moment, every day.
    Live in the present. Stop worrying about what may go wrong tomorrow, Free yourself from the self doubt and imiting bellies, the “what if’s”, the negative thoughts leading to the emotions that are ruining today. Just let your life come and go with the flow of it without the fear of repeating the past.

    I would tell my younger self that I’m lovable just because I’m who I am, loved unconditionally with the love that I now feel for my children, a love so strong that they are like little pieces of my heart walking around outside of me. There’s nothing that you could do to make you unlovable! Nothing! Just like the love of a mom should be, unconditional and forever!
    (That’s a bit easier because, well, I guess I know what I wished I had in my past. Healing from it doesn’t mean rehashing it over and over isn’t making it any better.
  • Absolutely loved the message. Thank you for reminding us know that as the human beings we can achieve anything we put our minds into. Just watching this video I felt the positive energy. Time to wake up my inner child and change my perspectives on my own reality!
  • Vincent Oluoch
    This one got to me, "If you could go back to the past and pass a message to your younger self, what would it be?". Once again thanks Jim for this incredible session, you inspired me and many other. May you continue passing this knowledge to others too.:washhands:🙏🙏
  • Minmin
    Thank you so much! I've watch this for 57minutes straight. I'm looking for a motivational speech but this is more than what I expected. Worth to watch and I learned so much, I'm a graduating medical student and about to take board exam. I hope to be successful, be better and be more productive again. 🥺Thanks a lot. One day I'll be back here and I will always be thankful that I watched this. 👏❤️
  • Ahmet Kaan
    5 things to quit right now:

    1. Overthinking
    2. Trying to make everyone happy
    3. Living in the past
    4. Worrying
    5. Doubting yourself
  • Johanna Lacson
    Wow, Jim Quick, I am watching you again and want to sign up in your master class. Your way of connecting with the crowd is exciting and makes us want to do your exercises on our own. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to learn and enjoy from your performance.😃
  • Jim this was a phenomenal experience beginning to end. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I have gained some insight into myself as well. I of course will save this video and watch over and over. Thank you so much!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽
  • Rebecca Kraft
    Quite possibly the best motivational speech I have ever heard. It is still sinking in and I have already watched it twice. Life changing. Truly. Thank you!
  • Maria Carman
    Thank you, Jim Kwik for your amazing talk. I’m 64 and have had a similar experience as a child that has affected how I later allowed others to think and treat me. I met my husband at age 33 who totally believed in me and in time I believed him about me too. It was life changing. Thank you for encouraging me to talk to my younger self and older self. I can’t wait to see what happens when I look back later on. God bless you.
  • Mygdalia Fierro
    I would tell my young self “escape in books...read more drink less!” At 51, I do read a lot NOW, but wish I had done this sooner. I’m here listening because I’m learning Mandarin and it’s hard! I need to change my inner self ! Thank you 😊, Jim Kwik 🥰
  • Incredible video, it's life-changing and so inspiring! Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing a bit of your story with us.
  • Love For The Wave
    That was 100 time better than I expected. An hour well spent. Thank you Jim.
  • True about the state of learning.

    Since we know music and song lyrics, remember quotes and scenes from movies others don't, learning in games faster, being more creative when we do what makes us excited.
    Learning more easier at lessons we love rather than those we hate doing.

    Really. It is all making sense that...we learn more when we're in a good state rather than bad one.
  • Ahmet Kaan
    Most great accomplishments were achieved by the people, who at first had no idea what they were doing.

    Keep going my friend. I am cheering for you. 🙂🖤
  • pewpew !
    Loved this video as it was one of the only ones to make me deeply think about my everyday life instead of how to “remember better”. It’s definitely true to have the right mindset.
  • Van
    Wow! This was an amazing video. It is exactly what he said it would be, something that we all already know. His story and the X-Men story and class photo brought tears to my eyes. I am definitely looking forward to more videos. Thank you JK!!
  • Tamsin Nilson
    Absolutely blown away by Jim and his life story. What a truly inspiring and phenomenal individual. He really is living proof that anything is possible. Thank you Jim.
  • Miss MLB
    This is amazing! I have been noticing memory problems lately and I am 48. I suffered a slight concussion from a car accident a while ago.
    This video isn't just about memory. This can be applied to life...to relationships. I am so glad I listened to this!!