2D's Voice Over The Years 2001-2012

Published 2012-07-02
A mash-up of 2d's apex tapes, g-bites, interviews, and songs. I do not own anything.

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  • @melancholyism
    2D's singing voice: an angel
    2D's talking voice: i cA- i cA- i cAn'T kiLl iT
  • @Darbydootx
    2D is literally the best...
    His singing voice is GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL, then once he starts talking you realize he's just an adorable dork.
    I fuckin love him.
  • @xx_zrx_xx
    "It's not because I'm two dimentional."

    Wait so they know they're cartoon characters? existential crisis
  • @corpsentry3645
    why does he sound like he's going through puberty when he's literally 41
  • @DoughBunni
    2D singing: sounds like heaven
    2D talking: still sounds like heaven

    Change my mind
  • @kyliemartin7824
    I like how for a couple years he tried to have a sexy voice
  • @rockomundo
    I love how Damon tries to sing as 2-D on the albums, like there is a slight difference between his singing voice and when singing as 2-D
  • @Zubbster123
    I love how 2Ds singing voice is pure gold and then his speaking voice is like:
    Theez action figerz ar youzelssth
    Aye aye cann catchth ih luk ihths awl slippereyy
  • @seymorgan3520
    So many people wanting to be in a relationship with a cartoon character, amazing
  • @mabo463
    2D's singing voice: It's coming on, it's coming on, it's coming on,
    2D's talking voice: eeEeeeEEeeE
  • @TsuruyaSonozaki
    "Nahh, he ain't no sex symbol. He's too busy changing his ringtone"
    "You're just jealous"
    "No I'm not"
    "Yes you are"
    "No I'm not"
    "Yes you are"
    "Noooo, I'm not"
    ".....Yes you are"
    "Shuuuut uuup!!"
  • I love that 2D finally got tired of Murdoc in Phase 3 and started standing up for himself.
  • @loretta1178
    ._. as someone who only recently got into Gorillaz, I wish I coulda been around when they were booming..
  • @froggo8591
    The fact that he’s 42 this year I can’t-

    His voice sounds 19, he looks 19, he acts 19. He cannOt be my mom’s age-
  • @acow625
    It’s hilarious how if Murdoc didn’t name him “2-D” he would still be Stuart Pot.
  • @jaydee6574
    "Aw he's just a cute smol bean" he's 39...guys...
  • i like that he went from dark emo boy to prepubescent teenager in 1 year
  • @apeapeape999
    I wish me and 2D could hang out. He's such a bro.