"Changing Always Starts With Choosing" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2022-05-04
The ability to make moral choices is one of the greatest gifts that God has given to each of us. In fact, our choices shape our lives far more than our circumstances do. This is especially true in the area of our minds. Choosing what we think about, how we think about it, and what we allow into our minds affects our lives daily. This week, Pastor Rick takes a look at the first step toward a life reset—choosing to change what we think about.


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  • @comicfantoys388
    Pastor Rick and team- please pray for me I’m suffering from severe depression and hopelessness even to the point of no turning back. Please anyone reading this- I don’t want to take my life but it’s so hard when I’m hopeless and these thoughts won’t go away.
  • @renasimbulan3430
    The moment I start listening to you , my heart and my mind become relax and peaceful. God bless you Pastor Rick.
  • Pastor Rick Warren we love you too ❤️... I thank God for you.. you're amazing teacher...I never heard no other pastors teach like you...am a Christian for many years.. but until, I listened to Daily Hope.. I learning to walk with God ... thank you again ♥️💟
  • Love you Pastor Rick Warren. I listen to you everyday and never miss a daily devotion. I work as nurse in a hospital in San Diego and I love Blasting your God inspired words while I’m here at work. Keeps me enduring and joy full and filled. Bless you! ❤️🙏🏻
  • @user-cj8fh3nn6o
    Amen ✝️. Please everyone pray for me and my family. We are struggling 😥✝️
  • @deahgalvez3996
    i am Always Blessed with your message pastor Rick ❤😊
  • @GodsgalMN
    Gosh - - - - Pastor Rick Warren, this sermon is a message to me from God. I needed to hear every single thing you said. I tend to easily fall into worldly ways and slack off on my Bible. This message was a powerful tool to direct me back to the truth. Thank you for the tips of what to do and how to do them to help my daily faith walk. You are preaching your BEST sermons at this time! God bless you. Ty.
  • I love you too pastor Rick. I never miss your Daily Hope and am so grateful for my Saddleback Family.
  • @ame4hi304
    WE LOVE YOU PASTOR RICK and all Saddleback church family!!
  • dear pastor rick l wanna personally thank you for sharing God's word with us. i love u so much and may God continue to bless u and your family.
  • Hi Rick, I watch u every day. You have changed my life over the last few years. My day feels empty if I miss your video.
  • Pastor Rick Since I Found You In This Medía I Always Hear Your Sermons I Am So Blessed And Also Share Your Messages To Other People Hearing Your Awesome Teaching , Gods Blessings.
  • @lynnmcintosh1
    Thank you for this message, I would only respectfully add that in cases of abuse and trauma of early childhood abuse, …they have to be treated differently. You can’t just say, it’s our all in your brain. God’s timing leads us through when we stay close to him. It’s his timing only. Stay faithful even though the devil wants you down. Amen.
  • @saly8383
    I thank God for answering my prayer through you Pastor Rick , to help me know how to wage the mental battle so I can be set free to love Him with all my heart , my soul and my mind and to love my neighbor as myself . I trust Him that He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus ! Amen 🙏🏻 God bless you because you are obedient to share God’s good news to us
  • @jamiekristen8695
    Such a great message. I can never get enough of Pastor Rick's wisdom
    and guidance.