"When You Feel Like Giving Up" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2021-06-22
Are you feeling discouraged lately? Discouragement is one of the primary reasons we feel tempted to give up on our God-given dreams. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren describes four things that typically discourage you, as well as God’s cures for your discouragement.

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All Comments (21)
  • Eagleeye
    Dear Pastor Rick, thank you for the message that we should not give up. Our Heavenly Father which are in Heaven I pray for my dearest wife that she will not give hope to her damaged brain cells that causes her to lose control of her limbs and loses her vision. I pray Lord that You would give her the faith that one day at Your time she be healed In Jesus Mighty Name Amen.
  • MAV LK
    Please pray for me and our family...really thanks to this message...
  • Greek Salad
    "Discouragement is a choice. Fight back!" - Pastor Rick Warren
  • _ leev1.
    I pray for any of you who will see this message. If anything bad happened in your life please remember that was God's will. May The Lord have mercy on us and Bless us with His Majestic Love 😊❤
  • Lorri Hager
    I just lost my daughter. She was only 39 and I cant give up, not now.
  • kevin phun
    So useful this sermon. "Expect attacks when you are exhausted". So true.
  • Lauren
    This was exactly what I needed to hear today.
  • Hienie Nguyen
    I needed this i get exhausted a lot BC of restless leg syndrome. So true. We all need rest and staying away from toxic
  • blue waters
    I moved not long ago, fear, tiredness, stress, rubble, discouragement, loneliness were all destroying me.
    When you are offered help, when God gives you that help, take it. Put pride and shame aside.
  • Angloaust
    Even elijah fell into despair
    However god revived him!
  • Ceta Jagg
    Thank you for your inspiring sermon.. Needed this so much.. I am so sorry for your loss.. My family and I could identify with this grief of losing someone through suicide.. When I was going through my darkest moments your words of encouragement helped me through it.. Thank you.. Thank you Lord for your Mercy and Love.
  • Mahlatse Nkoana
    With what I am feeling right now, I hope I remember to watch this as often as I need. I am frustrated and I feel stuck at work.
  • Melissa Armel
    Thank you, Pastor Rick! Such an important message and very needed! I won’t give up!!
  • Joel Mendoza
    Very timely message! I thank GOD for the ministry of Pastor Rick. I am enlightened.
  • ChouU
    Thank u for an inspiring words Pastlr rick warren. Your words touch our lives. Please pray for peace healing and hunger ones in our country Philippines.... I love kids and i do feeding program as my little way of helping little children who suffer hunger🙏
  • qwpanda
    ty for the message pastor ! rlly need this today
  • nick nekouei
    When YOU have a dream When YOU have a desire and YOU go after it but Jesus says I tell you the truth unless you LOOSE YOUR life you can not find it!
  • This message is so timely. It hits home. Thank you Pastor! Thank you, Jesus! ❤️