James the Rat. #tattoo #comedy #funny #gymlover #gymlife #gym #funnyvideos #skit #sketch

Published 2022-09-21

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  • Memes
    Jim is a perfect name
  • Proclivitas
    I like the ones where they for sure want the goofy tattoo. Love your art work!
  • Amashi Zaino
    Finally, someone to appreciate your puns 😂
  • Sleepy Demon
    Love it when the costumers actually appreciate woody, makes me smile :)
  • NyDarkOne
    Wait, they actually LIKE the tattoo this time?

    Ladies and gentlemen, we got ‘em 🎉
  • cgaskin00
    I hope this guy has a course on tiktok looping. He's the literal best.
  • Yoshiro !
    I like to think there's somebody out there that actually got that tattoo, it's awesome
  • CB
    I love your content and the “Jellyfish” has to be one of my favorites of yours
  • Comment Corner
    I'm so happy someone in the clip actually got the tattoo.
  • This is one of my favorites so far. I would love Jim the Gym Rat
  • KatGirl
    What would you say to a tattoo that wraps around your upper arm. Only parameters are either flowers, jellyfish, bubbles, butterflies, planets, or all of the above, go buck wild 🤣
  • Alͥysͣsͫa
    🕊️Hanga talaga lovecute.Cam ako sa sipag at tiyaga nga dalawang binibining ito!💞 ❤️ ️ Ito ang hinihintay ko all this time. napakagandang musika at palabas😘👍🎬
  • Logan L
    I want literally all these tattoos