"This Was A KEPT SECRET By Monks!" - Stop Wasting Your Life & Unlock Your POTENTIAL | Sadhguru

Published 2019-05-21
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On Today's Episode:

Yogi, mystic, and spiritual leader Sadhguru understands what’s preventing so many people from a living a pleasant life. Through spiritual reflection and Inner Engineering he’s connected the dots between bad habits and continuous cycles of suffering. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, the founder of the Isha Foundation explains why looking inward is the only way to achieve the potential of a peaceful, joyful, and balanced life.

Sadhguru speaks on the vastness of human potential and habits that limit it. [3:03]
Sadhguru outlines how to break compulsive patterns and cycles. [8:15]
Sadhguru and Tom discuss the roles joy and growth play in reaching potential. [9:30]
Sadhguru describes how to pursue the path of joy. [11:50]
Sadhguru explains how to raise kids without hindering their potential. [13:58]
Sadhguru discusses the danger and power of adopting beliefs. [16:45]
Sadhguru breaks down the process and struggle of looking inward.[18:26]
Sadhguru describes the difference between seekers and believers. [24:47]
Sadhguru speaks about responsibility. [26:01]
Sadhguru reveals what he wants people to get out of his teachings. [28:18]
Sadhguru defines true focus and shares ways to practice it. [30:51]
Sadhguru differentiates between pain and suffering [34:00]
Sadhguru explores why anxiety, depression, suicide are so much more common these days. [36:43]
Sadhguru details the approach and application of Inner Engineering. [41:02]
Sadhguru shares the impact he wants to have on the world. [45:42]

“When we say unleashing human potential it is not about reaching the peak. It is a trajectory.” [5:04]

“If you are a little sensitive to life you will realize you’re the biggest issue in your life.” [7:12]

“If you have the fear of falling down and suffering you will not go very high. [11:45]

“The privileges of the nature of your experience must be in your hand.” [12:43]

“A child is not a legacy. It’s a life. And it’s an individual life. It has to be what it has to be.” [15:37]

“Death is a closure. Life is a possibility.” [26:36]

“Your experience is entirely determined by you.” [29:15]

“Only when your attention and involvement is indiscriminate does the universe open up to you.” [31:30]

“The content of our life will not change our life. It is the context of our life which changes our life.” [43:55]

“This, this is a living cosmos. Everybody's free to capture as much as they want. If you capture a substantial amount of life, your very presence will become a significant life. Otherwise, you will become a mediocre life. This is the important thing. It's not the knowledge you gather in your head. It's not the muscle that you gather in your body. It's the life.” [44:45]

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All Comments (21)
  • Tom Bilyeu
    "Human potential is not of any kind of measure limit. It can go as far as you desire, and as far as you have the courage to walk." - Sadhguru. Comment what you think of this interview! 🙌
  • Paul
    50 minutes of this brings more knowledge and wisdom than 15 years of government schooling.
  • Theodore Rossi
    Sadhguru is such a blessing to all. To attain financial independence, follow the steps below.💪
  • This guy amazes me every time I hear him. It's chemistry and he doesn't allow anyone else to mess with his kit.
  • Thank you 🌸 it reminds me of someone sharing how teachers label children potential by a grade. You are a 70% ect but this is ridiculous your identity or potential is not a grade it’s limitless as Sadghuru says. It’s an entrappement to identify with this or that belief but we should be open & present. Aware & keen self awareness.
  • Kishan Soni
    Truly a Mystic
    Sadhguru interviews or videos provide me knowledge which were unimaginable for me and he also put logic,scientific studies on his Own Philosophies .Always talk about humanity and the earth not for any relegion or scriptures. I love this man
    He seems like such a joyful person this interview was so sooo impactful. I give no one the privilege over my life
  • Nidhi Raj
    “ A child is not a legacy, it’s a life”.

    Golden line.
  • Andrew Z
    I love his analogy of the lit room and the totally dark room. In the totally dark room you pay attention, you’re wide awake and present because you don’t know, and not knowing means being fully alive and walking the road to enlightenment. Live like you know nothing and have so much to learn. Our egos will make this difficult but it seems like the wisest way to live.
  • A blessing to the world. Prayers he lives immortal. A shift for the world . Grateful for his every breath
  • Lady Sylvia
    This is still one of my favorite interviews with Sadhguru. Some moments are funny to me. The interviewer seemed so humble and a bit nervous at first. He asked some wonderful questions tho. Really good job 👏🏾
  • Don K.
    Excellent interview TOM ! You listened and also asked excellent questions. Amazing knowledge was mentioned here. Thank you, I always learn something every time Sadhguru speaks. - Dk.
  • Justin Duncan
    Tom wasn’t ready for Sadhguru and that’s the most profound thing. That’s where real impact is felt. He became a student in every way here. His knowledge had to take a back seat today.
  • I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Sadhguru❤️❤️ He was the FIRST ONE to turn me on to self-work, the universe, and everything else I'm into now. I haven't seen him in awhile... But I'm glad I'm seeing him now again!🤩😍 He makes me really happy every time I watch him!!💯🤗
  • editeur
    Only TRUTH spoken by this dearest humain being, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Aj Tula
    Very clear and powerful conversation. 😮
  • Life is awareness. We are here to enhance our awareness to the maximum until ,in Time, we have to relinquish it knowingly or by force. Some people relinquish it knowingly with a duplicate while majority are give their up by "force" and they cry while giving it up
  • Rups S
    Make it Happen: Be the change you want to bring about in yourself, society environment, strong policy making etc. Never have we as a generation of people been more empowered to create change. We need to take more responsibility for all that we consume through our senses, for the depletion of resources, for the the pain points we feel so passionate about. Leading by example as role models for the transformation we want to see in the world by seeking it out in ourselves first.... Simultaneously collaborating rather than just complaining, venting our grievances and attributing fault solely on external authorities for depleting resources; energy reserves that contribute to the types and levels of suffering we have collectively helped to create towards the polluted state of our inner and outer world. Be the change you want to evolve on the planet one person at a time towards simultaneously addressing the paradoxical diversity of issues we all seek, one way or another, to resolve.

    This is one of the take away lesson's inspired by the likes of great souls such as Shadguru (among others') as a whole. Thank you Shadguru et al for being a beacon of guiding light on the part and path of all our soul journey's 🧡✨🙏🏼
  • Lauri C
    Most profound statement: Believers are in groups, seekers are alone.
  • Heater64k
    Important notes I noted down while watching/listening:

    - An apple tree isn’t trying to be an oak tree, it’s trying to be a good fully fletched out apple tree.
    - Time is always running out, equally for everyone. It just depends on how much energy you put onto something to exert something.
    - People want the solution always, but never seek the nature of what is at problem.
    - Only when you’re in a pleasant state, your body and brain operate at its best.
    - Joy is first then growth, for joy will expound that. If it’s growth and no joy, it is not expounded.
    - You raise cattle and sheep. You don’t raise human beings. You must cultivate a human being. You love and support support them, don’t instill yourself upon them. Treat them as an individual life. Their intrinsic intelligence finding their full potential is most important to stop the destruction influences.
    - “The more conclusion you make, the less alive you become.”
    - The keenness of observation through all senses must be cultivated.
    - When people say things that are like conclusions to their identity, they die a little bit. Dying in installments through making conclusions.
    - You must take action in your life and be purposeful and be conscious to take charge in the instruments of life. Don’t live life accidentally (unguided, not in control, constantly controlled by unwanted traits like anxiety).
    - Life is all about it’s openness. Life is openness. Only in openness is when you’re alive. When you close doors for yourself, you are losing openness, you are losing life.
    - Pain is a good thing, it is a response mechanism telling you to fix something. Suffering is taking that pain and multiplying it a thousand times all in your head.
    - When you’re miserable you’re sending messages to your body that you want to die by not wanting to move and slowly and unwillingly. But when you’re happy you send the message to live but jumping and moving around easily, willingly, and full of life. It’s about sending messages to your body to work for you.
    - “The content of our life will not change our life, it is the context of our life that changes our life.”
    - It doesn’t matter weather you achieve the greatest feats or anything - it matters weather or not your life is pleasant, and truly pleasant.