How to answer Product Design Questions - BEST Framework to follow!

Published 2020-10-04
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Ace your Product Sense / Product design question with this framework!
This framework that I'll teach you will IMPRESS your interviewer! In this video we will talk about a framework and break it down into multiple sections, explain each one in detail. In the next parts of this video I'll give you an example that follows this framework end to end.

What you'll find in this video:
@3:25 the framework
@3:30 First thing to do: Clarify Constraints, Goal and Scope
@7:00 How to start the answering the case question
@7:50 A tip on how much time you should take to brainstorm the next steps and what to do if you are silent for too long
@9:00 Brainstorming Users and how to come up with different segments
@12:04 Use cases and User Pain Points
@14:00 Solving our User's pain points
@16:14 How to Prioritize
@17:50 Measuring success of your implementation

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  • @PMDiegoGranados
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  • @KentPaul
    If I were to only watch one video about PM interview strategy, this would be it. Your channel is super underrated! Thank you for all the hardwork
  • @Kyridiculous
    The part about the user segment split was super helpful. Up until now I used to use age ranges but after listening to your video, it gives me more clarity on how easy it is to relate to groups rather than refer to age groups! Thank you for this video!
  • @claireli
    Super helpful and stood out from the rest of resources! Love your breakdowns of user segments, common pain points, exact metrics, etc.!! This likely would have saved me 20+ hours!!!
  • @bryanospina5197
    I’m preparing to make my first big career switch and start interviewing for product management positions at other companies. Your content has given me so much confidence and has been the best resource for interview prep. Thank you!
  • @madhukv1883
    Great framework !! I have watched many videos and read many articles talking about "Thinking big", "Moonshot ideas" etc, but not many talk about how to practice these. Excellent framework to practice everyday. Maintaining a big ideas list and applying your framework could be one way to internalize this
  • @michaelwirig936
    This is extremely helpful for those of us in product who have never been through the rigorous interview process.
  • @hatrinh7295
    I love this breakdown! Very logical. I have a back to back to back interview for a few hours next week, but they're all 30 min each. Do you think a full case question would show up - do you think one interviewer would use the entire time for one or perhaps give a reduced timeframe to walk through the process? Many of the mock interviews on YT seem to be about 30 min long or longer.
  • This was a perfect summation of things I like from various frameworks. Loved especially the unconventional metrics part to think in user-product-physical buckets!
  • @100aliva
    Hello Diego,
    I have been watching so many PM videos and reading through articles. Never have i come close to the absolute quality and end to end content that you have here. Thanks a lot!
  • @aarjav22
    Looked at so many videos on Youtube but this is by far the best explanation. You have put in a lot of work in walking us through the entire process. thanks again. Subscribed!
  • @arpitgarg6985
    This is the best video I have ever watched on Product case questions. So easy to understand, remember and actionable. Great work Diego. Thanks again
  • @felicitybai3084
    The framework is clear and structured! It really helps me with answering the question with logic and clarifying my thoughts. I would recommend this video to others
  • @shahzans.1676
    Thanks Diego for putting in so much efforts, your videos are amazing and full of information, please keep going, we are here to support you and your channel 🤗
  • @BenyRubinstein
    Super clear and structured. Easy to follow. Great job! Saludos.
  • Awesome Diego! Incredibly useful. One suggestion. Put some of your slides up on your newsletter or website. I'd love to read them outside of the video.
  • @sagianisha6221
    This was a perfect summation of things I like from various frameworks. This is one video I keep referring to multiple times. Thanks for creating these useful videos
  • @paulboules7250
    Great video. I liked how you broke this framework to sections that are easy to understand and use in actual interviews. Thank you for sharing.
  • Hi Diego! Thank you for making such a detailed video. It's quite insightful and easy to learn for aspiring PMs like me. Could you please help me understand how to differentiate between User and Product metrics? To me both seem to have certain similarities - For instance, User metrics include retention/churn rate whereas the product metrics section also has customer journey/dropout.
  • Excellent video. This is the most structured, clean and useful that I've seen until now! Thanks and congrats