Secrets to Perfecting the HEADBAND CURLS!!!

Published 2012-07-25
This is the easiest way to fix your hair in the morning and have perfect curls. Overnight and no heat these heatless curls are done in minutes.. Enjoy! Also I feel it's necessary at this point to make sure everyone knows that I am not trying to be hurtful towards cutegirlshairstyles. I realize saying that my way is better can come off as hurtful but that was not my intention. Her video is better than mine and this idea is hers. Please refrain posting any more rude comments. Thank you!
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  • Lisa Lane
    Just thought I should share some helpful hints =)

    1. The tighter you pull the hair around the hairband the bouncier the curls will be. If someone wants loose ringlets don't tighten as much.

    2. I  think it's also important to mention her hair type. She has thick hair, which may not dry completely overnight.  That is why she needs to do the curls on dry hair. Optionally, I would had spritz some leave in condition to avoid breakage. ( but her hair doesn't look damaged to me) 

    3.Normal to thin hair types should do the curls on damp hair (practically dry, but still with some moisture left in it ) to avoid possibly damaging it while pulling hair thru the headband. Also working with dry hair on thin or normal hair types will increase frizz.

    4. Lastly gently remove hair from headband, twisting the hair when wrapping it in the headband may make it easier when it comes time to removing them in the morning.
  • Tina Winters
    Super cute video! I enjoyed it! I used to do this in the 80's. A Mt. bike guide in Moab, Utah showed me how to do it. It is great to do if you go out camping, do this in the morning and it keeps you feeling cooler in the heat, you can swim with the headband on and it also  protects the dryer ends from sun  damage all day and then at night you take it down. When you hang out around the fire your hair is all curly and fluffy and everyone else has yucky dirty looking hair! :)   lol
  • geneveiveharper
    Another secret, use a piece of thick elastic tied in a bow instead of a headband, that way you can just untie it in the morning and there is less chance of tangling.
  • You can tell how confident you are with those curls!! You should be! You're gorgeous!
  • SaveSheikhJarrah
    This is brilliant! Tried it with dried hair after a shower and it worked so well! Had my headband on for about 5 hours. Got a bit of a head ache because of it tho, so probs do it overnight like she did. However, the curls came out really nicely. What amazed me most though was that they lasted THE ENTIRE DAY! No hair spray needed. Just a bit of hair oil for definition and to lessen the frizz. The looser around the headband, the larger the curls. Looks better when you don't comb through so to get best results, while you're in the process of looping your hair, comb each time you loop it so that your hair looks kept. Again, absolutely brilliant! Wish I'd known this trick all these years. No more annoying curling iron!
  • Carla Toppins
    G E N I U S! Us Ladies will sure find a way to make it work.:) Great Tutorial: Who Knew? Ty 4 the share 👍:)
  • Malisa Davis
    My hair goes to mid of my back and has layers and this works great on my hair. My hair in picture was done using this method. Any type stretchy headband will work
  • Taylor Murray
    I found this just today and I was looking for a heatless way to curl my hair and I came across this and omg can I just have a minute. Your hair. It's absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for this demonstration! I only wish that I had a headband to do this. Definitely going and buying one tomorrow because I love this!!!
  • Ell Mc
    girrrrrrl! you made my hair look like Foxy Cleopatra's hair on Austin Powers. I did it on damp hair with lots of curling ultra hold gel and hairspray, slept over it for 10 hours and the worse thing is that I had a wedding to attend the next morning and couldn't just wash it off and start over cause my super thick hair takes 2 hour to dry off. I had an afro at an Indian-pakistani wedding. just imagine a fair skin iranian princess ala Kim Kardashian with an afro...
    Its ok. I think it was me that did it all wrong by all means. I think you rock and will subscribe to your channel cause you are so cute and nice.
  • Aleecebby
    The curled bangs were on point 👌👌
  • Velinda wm
    love it. I have done this before, but definitely picked up some ways to improve my technique, thanks for the extra tips! I do love this look.
  • Amy Palmer
    How rude can people get on here! Jeez people it's a hair tutorial! Chill your mean vibes and try supporting the girl! Don't like it? Think the video is to slow? Fast forward or he k just don't watch! I tried this and it worked like a CHARM!! Thankyou for taking the time to make the world a better curlier place!!
  • Rachel S.
    great video- you're so patient and informative!
  • Ally Beneful
    I love this tutorial! Your hair turned out so beautiful (: I'm definitely going to try this tomorrow night. Thanks so much for tips and tricks!
  • Linh T
    Really does work and curls stay.... unlike curling iron. Much easier and faster. Got larger loose and more natural looking curls...waves. Truly thank you for sharing. Brilliant idea.
  • Jothsna Jeetun
    Love how you say "it puts so much pressure on your head but they come out so beautiful " anything for the hair right 😂😂😂
  • Sarah Brown
    I've tried this method for about 3 times now and every time my hair gets SUPER knotted in the back even if I put detangular in it before I start. What should I do? Help!
  • LifeLiberty614
    Firstly, you are adorable and helpful and this video was lovely. Secondly, thank you for taking the time to share this tutorial. It has saved me so much time in the morning. Hope you have a wonderful day.
  • jemohseni
    if you have it cut and tie it, you can untie it and slip it out and the curls stay intact and don't frizz
  • LindaLuxable
    I wrapped each strand all of the way to its end before I grabbed a new piece to wrap. It didn't tangle, so I wonder if this is the key to not tangling?  I like this technique b/c it's pretty easy to sleep on the headband,  rag-knots.