Dropped with $0 in China’s Richest City

Published 2023-11-19
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All Comments (21)
  • @YesTheory
    Yes Theory 🤝Throwback Video Ideas

    So excited to finally share the China series with you all! We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this - hope it shows :)

    Love you all and thanks for watching! You can expect some more crazy stories coming soon!

    P.s: we will be donating 1c for each new subscriber or comment we get on the series to the NGO Save The Children - so thanks for supporting :)

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    Or for EU:
  • @Brendanm1645
    Gonna miss Matt. One of the originals that started my traveling journey. Because of this channel, I solo traveled to Africa for 6 weeks and now have best friends from countries all over the world from people I met there
  • @billyminer398
    I'm an American who has lived in China for 11 years, and I want to thank you guys for coming to China with an open mind. So many people who talk about China online and in the media do so with an agenda, and most don't understand the country at all. The reality is that China is not a perfect country (no country is), but it is incredible in many ways.

    People in the US are constantly bombarded with negative information about China to the point that they imagine it as a scary, dystopian nightmare. I highly recommend that more Americans and Europeans visit China to see it for themselves. People-to-people exchanges are vital, and if more people understand China better, it will help ease the insane geopolitical tensions.
  • This video is ridiculously important right now with the current political tensions, and its blown my mind at how kind and friendly the Chinese people are. Indoctrination works from all sides so there's obviously some people with preconceived ideas about the East and the West, but Yes! Theory are smashing down those preconceptions and bringing us all together as human beings. Thank you from the bottom of my full heart. ❤
  • As someone who lives in China, I found it funny how you guys thought it would one of the hardest places to go 24 hours with needing help from strangers. Say what you will about the Chinese government, Chinese people are some of the friendliest and most helpful people on the planet. I'm glad you got to experience that, and that people got to see it. Great video guys.
  • @zhoreashara6529
    Thank you for finally coming to China and showing the world that the only way to understand this country is to come here and experience it.
  • @haha-rw7on
    The tiny car you're in is not a taxi, it's just a friendly Chinese man driving his own car to give you a ride
  • @FFeKey0
    I haven't been this excited to watch a YouTube series in a long time! I'm really looking forward to seeing more videos from China, as it's such a contrast from what the media usually shows and it's beautiful in every sense. Matt, you are a blessing to the community as a whole. We love you and thank you so much for creating this platform for us dreamers, and allowing us to connect and make the unimaginable manageable. One last thing, Matt - even if you say you're leaving for good, you'll always be a part of Yes Theory.
  • As an expat living in Shanghai, you are way too worried about the police. They are really not that bad 😂 it’s not a scary place to go and people are generally very friendly and generous
  • @roskis6493
    Went to China for three weeks back in 2018. Loved every minute of it. Such an interesting culture, and a great and challenging adventure when you have absolutely zero knowledge of the local language and the customs. 😅
    Greetings from Sweden, guys.
    You're truly incredible.
  • @ronweasly4839
    I love the healthy masculinity being displayed but the yes theory members. Authentic emotions, bromance and so much more that many men are afraid to show!
    So important to have role models like that as adolescent boys who watch this channel. One of the things I like most about you guys.
  • I agree with you. I visited Shanghai prior to COVID with my family and two kids. The people are so friendly and willing to help. I have been to over 35 countries and I would say this is my favorite by far. Selfie s with everyone. Specially our kids everyone wanted one with the little ones. Love what you all do.
  • @thomaswoods0831
    as a Chinese I really thank you for helping me get to know more about my country. PS: They are not policemen but normal business security guards
  • @BiteandByte
    I will be moving from Germany to Shanghai in a month, can‘t wait to see for myself what the country - at its core - is all about!
    This was such an awesome glimpse into the hospitality and warmth of the Chinese.
  • OF COURSE they gave you a lot of food at the restaurant. 😄 They take food and eating so seriously there, it's amazing. "Have you eaten?" can be the same as asking "How are you?". It was SO much fun watching this. Great job guys!
  • @marilois
    I started the video laughing so hard and I ended up crying like a child. I have so much love and respect for Matt. I have so much love and respect for this community, the team behind the screens, the hosts and everyone involved in this family. Thanks for being there for us. Thanks for lifting us up. Thanks for saving me. Thanks for every single video.
  • @becca873
    Aww this video warmed my heart so much! I haven't been back to China in 6+ years and watching this video makes me want to go back to visit even more. I'm glad you all enjoyed your time there and were able to meet some wonderful people :)
  • When I was in China, I had similar experience. People there are extremely friendly and I was making friends faster than anywhere else I’ve traveled to before or after.
  • @phetality490
    As an American living in China for the past 5 years… the majority of the people here are so incredibly warm-hearted and welcoming. There’s so much that people outside of China would never or could never understand or see about life here. I’m so happy that this series is bringing new light into y’all’s eyes, but also the people that watch this video. The minds and souls of the regular Chinese people aren’t broadcasted through news and other propaganda we’re subject to. I hope you’re entire trip is incredible and something to remember! If you have time, come visit Hebei Province Baoding City - I’d love to show y’all around! 😁
  • @yenchau7843
    This channel just never disappoints. You all just are heart warming, wholesome, life-loving people, thank you!