Trash: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Published 2022-12-18

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  • Ruel Arila
    From the sewage plant in Danbury, to the recycling center in Australia, and now a trash bin in Malmo. The John Oliver Cinematic Trash Disposal Universe just keeps on expanding. So excited for the next installment.
  • Nick G
    I think i can confidently say that this is the only TV show that really gets YouTube. The lead singer of the Cardigans throwing cursed dolls into talking trash cans is just next level content
  • ramela
    As a Finnish person who had mandatory Swedish classes in school and university, understanding the trash can has been the most utility I have gotten out of my Swedish lessons.
  • Nina Persson is a national treasure! She is also such a good sport to participate in this super weird exercise.
  • Carlton Hanks
    As someone who's from Malmö, this is literally the proudest moment of my entire life
  • Katy Kidell
    John Oliver's commitment to a bit is absolutely legendary. I love it.
  • Ellie Quine
    "Please stop sending me your garbage babies" is exactly what my daycare asked my mother and father when I was six.
  • Ruth Jarrett
    The commitment of this show to its jokes is unrivaled.
  • John's energy in the web exclusives is unlike any other. This segment is a perfect example.
  • Lotta Wiklund
    As someone who grew up in Malmö, this made my day. 🤣🤣🤣 And also made me slightly homesick. It's a lovely city.
  • ghostmistwho
    5:35 ok but this is actually super exciting because polystyrene is notoriously hard to recycle. There is quite literally not a single recycling plant in the US that can actually recycle it!
  • Kribby
    Good on Nina for being such a great sport! I love when the most random of people can play along with a weird bit for the show.
  • nrtolv
    As a Swede living in Malmö i'm honored, although I'm as confused as everyone else what "the Ohio of Sweden" means. But you put a light on our trash cans so I guess it's fine! You're welcome here anytime, John!
  • Julien Marocco
    I might have missed Woodstock by a couple of decades but I'm very glad I live in a time in which John Oliver is alive, absolute legend !
  • Travis Hopkins
    I was recently in Antwerp and went to throw away trash, and when the trashcan started thanking me, I was wholly unprepared. Glad to see other cities also have jump scare trash cans.
  • CarlTheBanan
    As a swede, I approve this message! ☝️ Greetings from Malmö
  • OpyDoesStory
    I used to cross the bridge where that specific garbage can is located every day on my way to work. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would one day be the stage for this beautiful spectacle. Also good to know where all the cursed energy in the city will now be gathering!
  • LT Food
    Nina Persson is a national treasure! Such a good sport, she also came to participate in this super weird sport.
  • Ross
    Just imagining the conversation between some LWT executive producer and the manager/producer for Nina explaining this whole bit is too good.
  • Sage of Suffering
    How the hell am I supposed to survive until February after that gem without you? Seeing you on Amber's show was spectacular.